Broadband Limiter

Mini-Circuits has developed an ultra-wide frequency power limiter. The CLM-83-2W+ is an RoHS-compliant limiter, which protects against ESD and input RF power surges, up to 1.6 W, across a very wide frequency range. Its internal diodes are bonded to a multilayer integrated LTCC substrate and then hermetically sealed under a controlled nitrogen atmosphere with gold plated covers and eutectic AuSn solder. The terminal finish on the tiny, low-profile case is Ni-Pd-Au.

These rugged, tiny limiters, only 0.12" × 0.12" × 0.045", provide excellent protection for low noise amplifiers and other sensitive equipment, especially in hostile environments where unwanted signals prevail, such as manufacturing sites, train tunnels and ECM and ECCM.

The CLM-83-2W+ key features include:

  • Limiting abilities from +12 to +32 dBm to protect against very strong undesired signals to help prevent burn out of amplifiers and other highly sensitive components.
  • Ultra wideband, from 30 to 8200 MHz, to protect against many different types of unwanted signals.
  • Tiny surface mount, useful in crowded PCB boards where space is at a premium.
  • Ceramic, hermetic, nitrogen filled construction, to protect against moisture, for long term reliability.
  • A response time of 2 ns to react instantaneously to limit unwanted high level signals.
  • A recovery time of 8 ns as a minimal downtime, after unwanted signals are removed, with quick restoration of standard operating levels.
  • A low insertion loss, 0.5 dB typical, and a low VSWR, 1.2:1 typical, which provide minimal degradation of system performance, especially low noise amplifiers, where input loss is critical.

This limiter provides a low cost solution to protect expensive amplifiers or other sensitive applications.

Brooklyn, NY