EB (Elektrobit Corp.), a developer of cutting-edge embedded technology solutions for the wireless and automotive industries, exhibits a revolutionary test solution for  mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) at MILCOM 2012, in Orlando, Florida. This solution enables testing of MANET radio systems in the laboratory under field like conditions with a single device - the EB Propsim F32 radio channel emulator. The F32 can be used for testing of VHF and UHF radios. This testing device is the embodiment of EB’s unique expertise in radio channel characterization available at the touch of a button. Simply choose the desired testing environment from the drop down menu, compile and run.

The EB Propsim F32 radio channel emulator has the exceptional capacity to evaluate the functional performance of MANET networks. Verification of the functional performance of a MANET network involves a sophisticated evaluation of numerous independent and dynamically varying links between radios, a process which has now been automated by the F32.  As with any testing, repeatability is mandatory. The F32 delivers a complete set of radio channel models needed to form any MANET network topology in a repeatable manner. The simple point-and-click setup wizard quickly guides the user through defining parameters such as number of radios, active frequency band and the selection of environment.

Highlights of the EB Propsim MANET test solution:

  • Testing of  VHF and UHF radios
  • Exceptional capacity – for testing up to 11 radios in MANET
  • 100 % repeatability provided by file-based emulation
  • Unmatched number of predefined environments which include the emulation of path loss, delay, Doppler and multipath fading
  • Easy, integrated test setups with guided setup wizard

Visit EB at stand #233 at MILCOM 2012, to see the live MANET test solution demonstration.