A wide range of Travelling Wave Tube amplifiers from TMD Technologies will be on show at the EMCUK 2012 exhibition and conference, which takes place on 9-10 October 2012 in Newbury, UK. The UK manufactured broadband units are lightweight and compact, and benefit from TMD's extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of high power military radar amplifiers.

The company's standard amplifier range for EMC applications covers a wide frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz at up to 500/1000 W continuous wave and 40 kW pulsed. With a world-wide reputation for innovative design, TMD's capabilities also include specialist and bespoke products.

Changing EMC testing standards continue to set new technical challenges, in particular the demand for higher powers over wide frequency ranges. TMD is well placed to meet this challenge, having successfully designed and manufactured a number of very high power TWTAs. The company is now focusing on power combining amplifiers, to achieve higher powers in order to meet increasing market expectations for higher field strengths.

TMD works closely with its partners Q-par Angus (for antennas) and BONN Elektronik (for solid state RF and microwave amplifier technology) to produce optimum sub-systems for the EMC test market, particularly for HiRF testing. TMD will be exhibiting jointly with Q-par Angus on Stand 15 at EMCUK.