Saab is coordinator of one of the biggest research and development projects within EU’s Seventh Framework Programme: Integrated Mobile Security Kit (IMSK). This project, which started in 2009, and is due to be delivered in 2013, has reached a significant milestone.

The project entails a complete security solution for Olympic Games, EU summits and other medium to large scale events requiring temporary enhanced security. A large-scale demonstration simulating an EU summit went ahead at Hylands House, Chelmsford, UK on 20 September.

The demonstration presented a fully integrated security concept, including new sensor technologies, and proved that the solution offers an effective security overview of the situation at the event. Demonstrations at the simulated exercise included technologies such as 3D facial recognition, chemical detection, radar sensors, tracking and knowledge fusion.

IMSK has been a successful project with 26 partners, including small and large industries, public authorities and universities from nine European countries. Saab-products included in the IMSK solution are: the Networked Intelligent Video Surveillance (NIVS) area control system, the SIRS traffic management system and the WISE Connectivity software suite. The SAFE security management system was also displayed at an exhibition in conjunction with the demo exercise.