Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced its end-to-end Miracast system, comprised of source and display (sink) solutions that enable consumers to stream media, games, photos and other digital content from mobile devices to larger screens. Based on TI's OMAP™ platform, DaVinci™ video processors and WiLink™ connectivity family, the Miracast solutions deliver best-in-class video quality and market leading low latency over a secure Wi-Fi connection. TI's Miracast solutions have shown compatibility with the test bed required for Miracast certification to interoperate with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ devices. Optimized end-to-end, the Miracast system uses the TI processors' offload capabilities and built-in accelerators as well as dedicated rate adaptation and power saving algorithms on the WiLink solutions. Additionally, TI is ready to help customers achieve Miracast certification and get their source and display products to market quickly.

"With the increasing dependence on mobile devices for storage and entertainment, consumers need an easy way to wirelessly share their videos, photos, games and other digital content on a larger screen," said Ram Machness, director of marketing, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, TI. "TI's Miracast source and display solutions deliver today's in-demand features, with the scalability to support tomorrow's more advanced use cases."

TI's Miracast source solution 

TI's source solution, based on the OMAP platform and WiLink connectivity family, was introduced in June 2012. The offering leverages the M-Shield™ content security, high-performance and low-power capabilities of the smart multicore OMAP platform, along with a power-optimized WiLink solution supporting 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth® v4.0 and GPS technologies. Together, these products enable users to reliably display DRM-free and DRM-protected content with full encryption from a mobile device onto a larger screen at full 1080p HD resolution. Today, TI's Miracast offering is based on OMAP 4 processors and the WiLink 6.0 and WiLink 7.0 connectivity solutions, and will extend to the OMAP 5 platform and WiLink 8.0 family for even higher performance.

TI's Miracast display solution 

New to TI's Miracast offering is a display solution based on DaVinci video processors and the WiLink connectivity family. This solution is ideal for adding Miracast display capabilities to existing devices or embedding into TVs, monitors and home entertainment equipment. TI's Miracast display solution running at USB power levels delivers ultra low latency ideal for applications such as gaming, and also offers optional features such as user input back channel (UIBC). With 1080p60fps capability and 3D video rendering over HDMI output, the solution can display Blu-ray and 3D movie content. Additionally, TI's Miracast display offering has multiple channel support to connect two or more simultaneous input sources, making multiplayer gaming from several mobile devices to one larger screen a reality.

The Miracast display offering is based on DaVinci processors and WiLink 6.0 combo-connectivity solution. As a complete production-ready Miracast display solution with the flexibility to add features, TI helps manufacturers bring differentiated products to market quickly at attractive price points. Additionally, for certain Android-based applications, TI offers a Miracast display solution using the OMAP platform and WiLink combo-connectivity family.

Sharing digital content with enhanced features 

TI's Miracast source and display solutions deliver an improved user experience through standard and proprietary features to save source processing, and improve end-to-end quality and latency. This delivers features such as a cloning mode, which can share your mobile screen on a remote display. The solutions also support cinema mode, which allows a user to wirelessly stream Internet content and videos in the background while using the mobile device for other tasks such as Internet browsing or email.

With both source and display solutions extending to the WiLink 8.0 family, TI will be able to provide further integration and scalability. As the industry's first integrated near field communications (NFC) controller with Bluetooth v4.0, GNSS and 802.11a/b/g/n, the WiLink 8.0 family is capable of supporting all Wi-Fi throughput ranges using 2x2 MIMO or SISO 40MHz. WiLink 8.0 enhances the Miracast offering with higher throughput as well as simple and quick NFC pairing, further easing the set-up process for consumers to share their content.

Availability and certification 

TI's Miracast solutions are intended for high-volume OEMs and ODMs. As part of TI's Miracast system, each of these solutions is designed to meet Miracast certification requirements.

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