Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (Telecommunication Metrology Center), or CATR (TMC). The two organizations have agreed to work together on TD-LTE MIMO over-the-air (OTA) test research.

A nonprofit, public legal body under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CATR (TMC) has a broad set of responsibilities in setting national public metrology standards and telecommunication standards. The MIMO OTA standard for TD-LTE is one of the standards that CATR (TMC) is driving for the wireless industry.

Agilent and CATR (TMC) will focus their collaboration on MIMO OTA standardization using an innovative TD-LTE MIMO OTA two-stage test method, leveraging the strength and expertise of both Agilent and CATR (TMC). Agilent has in-depth knowledge and experience in wireless test solutions, MIMO OTA test solutions, and MIMO OTA performance simulation. CATR (TMC) has long established expertise in OTA test standards and OTA certification test.

A team of researchers from both organizations plan to develop a two-stage MIMO OTA test system in CATR(TMC)’s OTA lab and perform the measurements using the two-stage test method based on Agilent instruments. CATR (TMC) will provide support and access to their test chamber resources and expertise, providing Agilent researchers in the Beijing research lab an opportunity to develop the OTA test techniques and methods.

The teams have agreed to conduct the research jointly in the CATR (TMC) test lab. The plan is to then submit the research results to standard groups such as 3GPP, CTIA, and CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) as proposals for new and more effective test approaches and procedures. In addition, CATR (TMC) and Agilent plan to publish the MIMO OTA research results jointly during international conferences and through trade or industry associations.

Agilent’s work with CATR (TMC) on this research reflects Agilent’s strong commitment to the success of TD-LTE in China and in the global market.

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