CTIA - The Wireless Association®and Global Certification Forum (GCF) have agreed to a common process for evaluating the over-the-air performance of new wireless devices. The agreement allows GCF to incorporate CTIA’s Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance into its Performance Measurement process. The agreement also allows the organizations to work together on future updates of the test plan to ensure that the needs of network operators and device vendors throughout the world are being addressed.

Currently, CTIA’s Test Plan for Wireless Device Over-the-Air Performance is part of the CTIA and PTCRB certification programs. The test plan defines a standard method to measure a wireless device’s antenna performance. By simulating the network environment, the wireless device is put through a rigorous testing process to evaluate how well it can transmit and receive a wireless signal.

For GCF, Performance Measurement is an optional scheme that complements GCF Certification and allows manufacturers to quantify and report on agreed aspects of the performance of a mobile device. Performance Measurement relies on test criteria developed by recognized standards bodies, especially 3GPP. GCF’s current use of the CTIA Over-the-Air test plan establishes a single benchmark for device vendors and network operators throughout the world.

“By working with GCF, CTIA’s Certification Program is helping device manufacturers and network operators reduce the time and cost of bringing new devices to market. Ultimately, wireless consumers benefit since they will know their devices will be of the highest quality,” said Robert Mesirow, Vice President, Operations of CTIA-The Wireless Association.

“GCF’s Performance Measurement program has been developed to eliminate the duplication of testing that can arise from a multitude of un-coordinated operator-specific acceptance testing schemes,” said Adriana Nugter, GCF Operations Manager. Use of the CTIA test plan allows this philosophy to be extended to the measurement of the over-the-air performance of mobile devices.”