RF6509The RF65x9 series of Tx/Rx Modules integrate a complete solution in a single front end module (FEM) for AMI/AMR and Smart Grid solutions. The FEMs integrate a PA, Tx filtering, input and output switches, a Tx or Rx attenuation path, and an LNA with bypass mode. Single-ended input and output are included for optimized ease of use and implementation. The pin-out of the FEM enables users to implement additional filtering external to the module, if needed.


Tx Output Power

  •  RF6509: 29.5dBm
  •  RF6519: 26dBm
  •  RF6569: 30dBm

Tx Gain

  •  RF6509: 31dB
  •  RF6519: 30dB
  •  RF6569:15dB

Rx Gain

  •  RF6509: 18dB
  •  RF6519: 17dB

Rx Noise Figure

  •  RF6509: 2.5dB
  •  RF6519: 1.5dB

Integrated LNA with

Bypass Mode
  • 868MHz/900MHz ISM Band Applications
  • Single Chip RF Front End Module
  • Portable Battery Powered Equipment
  • Wireless Automatic Metering Applications

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