Ultra-precision Service

This company’s Web site offers a complete ultra-precision service for grinding, lapping, polishing, diamond sawing, laser machining and sizing a wide variety of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous). The company also offers carbide, ceramic, sapphire and other materials for industrial and scientific applications in the telecommunications, semiconductor, communications, test and measurement, microelectronics, defense and security industries.

Accumet Engineering Corp.,
518 Main Street, Hudson, MA 01749

Ultra-low Noise Technology

This Web site features the company’s design, development and manufacture of ultra-low noise crystal-controlled microwave sources, frequency multipliers, phase-locked multipliers and crystal-controlled oscillators for military and commercial markets. The company uses the knowledge gained from the development of its products to support the US government by providing repair and/or replacement of older systems no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc.,
815 Market Street,
New Cumberland, PA 17070

Amplifiers for the Defense Industry

This extensive on-line catalog offers narrowband, octave and multi-octave microwave amplifiers including low noise, medium power, low phase noise and limiting amplifiers. Operating characteristics and outlines are instantly accessible. Hermeticity, gain equalization, temperature compensation, BITE, harmonic suppression and other options are described. For those requiring different specifications a “fill in the blanks” worksheet allows optional configurations to be requested.

AML Communications Inc.,
1000 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012

High Power RF Research Tools

This Web site features the company’s radar systems and major sub-items of equipment. These include optics, RF packages, pulse modulators, indicators, antenna systems, microwave components, test equipment and special purpose tubes, all of which are available from stock. The site offers an option to inquire about a quote request and also the availability to order from 2,018 products readily on-line.

Radio Research Instrument Co.,
584 North Main Street,
Waterbury, CT 06704

High Performance Frequency Control

This recently redesigned Web site now provides more features with fewer clicks, creating rapid, intuitive and thorough access to the information a user is looking for. With the redesigned Web site and expanded product offerings, the company is committed to making it easier for customers to do business with them. Visit the Web site to view its full line of quartz crystals and oscillators as well as ultrasonic transducers and piezoelectric components offered by the Ultrasound division.

Valpey Fisher Corp.,
75 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


This Web site features data sheets for cloned products as well as new additions to the company’s product line. The site offers product and site search capabilities allowing quick access to data sheets, S-parameters, application notes and direct links for on-line purchases. Easy access to the most recent company news, with direct links to affiliates, career opportunities and technical support are also accessible via the site.

Filtronic Compound Semiconductor,
Heighington Lane Business Park, Newton Aycliffe Co. Durham,

Millimeter-wave Components and Subsystems

This Web site has been launched in support of the company’s Harmonix (HXI) millimeter-wave division. The site provides downloadable data sheets of its various component and subsystem products in PDF format and links to engineering and all present sales channels. A company background presentation is also available on-line. Links to the corporate Web site allow access to information on 60 GHz unlicensed radios and FSO systems.

1755 Osgood Street,
North Andover, MA 01845

Tunable Filters from Stock

A new addition to this Web site is standard tunable bandpass and tunable bandreject filters now available from stock for immediate delivery. Included are nine models of three section bandreject filters covering the frequency range of 25 to 2000 MHz in octave bands. The bandpass filters consist of 15 models operating from 30 to 3000 MHz in octave bands and utilize a five section response.

Lorch Microwave Inc.,
1725 North Salisbury Blvd.,
Salisbury, MD 21802

Components and Subsystems

This recently redesigned Web site features a wide range of quality products. The types of products can be classified as antennas, integrated assemblies, composites, rotary joints and pedestal systems, microwave control devices and components, and waveguides. The goal of the company is to supply sophisticated system integrators with all of its’ microwave technology.

Chelton Microwave,
11 Continental Drive,
Exeter, NH 03833

Switching Systems and Modules

This Web site offers a wide variety of switching systems and modules including modular coaxial matrices and scanners, RF and video switching matrices and two wire audio matrices. Digital matrices include ECL, RS-232 and RS-422 routers and A-B switches. The company also offers a line of coaxial and triaxial distribution amplifiers and triaxial to coaxial converters. Custom systems are designed in accordance with customer specifications and can be shipped in fully integrated electronic cabinets.

Matrix Systems Corp.,
5177 North Douglas Fir Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

Designer’s Handbook on CD

This Blue Cell™ Designer’s Handbook is now available on CD-ROM. The handbook is devoted to low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology, with over 100 off-the-shelf Blue Cell™ RF/IF/microwave products. Eight product categories, including frequency mixers, high pass and low pass filters, frequency doublers, power splitters/ combiners, directional and bi-directional couplers, RF transformers and I&Q modulators are offered complete with all specifications and pricing information.

PO Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Passive Components

This Web site features the company’s hand-crafted quality, extraordinarily reliable passive components. The product line consists of precision thin/thick film chip resistors, MOS capacitors, networks, attenuators, inductors, metallized/patternized substrates, hermetic packages and hybrids within four divisions. Applications include medical, military, aerospace, microwave and telecommunications.

Mini-Systems Inc.,
20 David Road, PO Box 69,
North Attleboro, MA 02761

Ultra-stable Frequency and Time Standards

This Web site features the company’s time and frequency, distribution and measurement solutions. The solutions include: hydrogen masers, rubidium, GPS, off-air (LF) frequency standards and peripheral products. The Web site provides data sheets, application notes, PowerPoint presentations and charts, and technical support.

Quartzlock UK Ltd.,
Gothic, Plymouth Road,
Totnes, Devon, England TQ9 5LH, UK

RF Components and Systems

This revised Web site features the company’s broad range of RF components and systems. The site offers an e-store where over 7,000 company items are currently available for purchase. Also provided is easy access to its product lines, company information, on-line literature and requests for quotes.

JFW Industries,
5134 Commerce Square Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237

Components and Subsystems

This Web site offers the company’s comprehensive product line of microwave mixers, multipliers and mixer-based frequency converters. The company’s components and subsystems are designed to offer good performance and reliability at prices commensurate with high volume requirements. For additional information, visit the recently updated Web site, or order the company’s catalog-on-CD and product brochure.

Marki Microwave,
215 Vineyard Court,
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Instructional Materials

This completely redesigned Web site features books, instructional CD-ROMs and software for the practicing RF and microwave engineer. The site includes a new shopping cart, enhanced navigational and search capabilities, and discounts on selected book/CD-ROM packages. See the latest titles from Noble to help achieve better designs through improved training.

Noble Publishing,
630 Pinnacle Court,
Norcross, GA 30071

Web-based Video Demos

The availability of these Web-based video demos are for the company’s logic analyzers and soft touch probes. The demos show how to use logic analyzers and probing solutions to save time and minimize project risk while debugging digital systems.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Test and Measurement Organization,
5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., MS 54LAK, Santa Clara, CA 95052

RF Market Solutions

This Web site highlights the company’s design, manufacture and supply of RF interconnect systems for key markets including automotive, broadband, wireless LAN and wireless infrastructure. The site offers targeted marketing pages that assist a user in finding RF connectivity solutions easier.

Amphenol RF,
Four Old Newtown Road,
Danbury, CT 06810