Thunderline MultiPins™ address the many space and time saving issues facing today’s high frequency designers. In addition to being more compact than individual feedthrus, the use of MultiPins saves installation time and automatically maintains critical pitch and spacing dimensions. They are available in a variety of styles from 2 to 16 or more pins. They are built for both DC and RF applications up to 40 GHz and are available with combined RF and DC functionality in the same header.

Filtered DC MultiPins eliminate the typical step of having to hardwire capacitors internally to reduce interference. Filtering is achieved via an integrated capacitor across the DC line. This capacitor can range in value from 10 to 47,000 pF. The value is chosen based on the frequency of the spurious signal to be suppressed. Thunderline-Z utilizes proprietary SolderTight™ construction, which allows for a soldering schedule exceeding 300°C. Figure 1 shows the typical construction of a filtered feedthru utilizing a glass to metal seal followed by the capacitor and a captivating epoxy. The manufacturing flow chart for these headers is shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 1 Typical filtered feedthru construction.

Fig. 2 Manufacturing flow chart.

There are a large number of material, plating and pin design options available, which are illustrated in Table 1. Additional information may be obtained from the company’s Web site.