Improving the accuracy of your microwave test and measurement equipment becomes increasingly important when high frequency devices are used in the transmission paths of radio, cellular, satellite and digital communications. This discussion helps to solve problems with measurement errors during and after calibration of your microwave test instrument.

The wireless communication industry is a giant compared to the early 1980s when analog cellular was all the rage. The advent of digital communications and cellular phones, as well as the infrastructure around it, from mountain top base stations to satellite links, has driven designers to create RF connector products that will meet the demands of increasing electrical performance specifications. RF Precision Products employs engineers with diverse backgrounds in RF connector design. Their design and manufacturing knowledge base includes precision connectors and adapters, coaxial cable assemblies, medical cable assemblies and wireless digital spread spectrum modems. With the latest in design software at their disposal, they ensure that all products meet or exceed customer expectations. These high frequency products need to be verified to performance parameters specified by the design engineer or to customers’ specifications. The need for test and measurement equipment that ensure products meet or exceed these expectations is a necessary expense. A Network Analyzer is a microwave test set that is used to characterize an RF device. Network analyzers will transmit a signal or a band of signals through active or passive devices and then project the complex impedance, magnitude and phase onto the analyzer’s on-board display.

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