Carlisle-SMA-connectorsRichardson RFPD Inc. announces availability and full design support capabilities for a series of Enhanced Performance SMA Connectors from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies ("Carlisle IT"). The EPSMA (Enhanced Performance) series provides mode free performance to 27 GHz. In addition, the connectors are tuned to provide ultra low VSWR to 27 GHz (typically 1.15:1). 

This new product offering consists of field replaceable styles with industry standard flange configurations and pin sizes. The connectors offer low RF leakage (less than 90 dB), and all interfaces conform to MIL-STD 348. Applications for the Carlisle IT EPSMA series include Defense Electronics and Test & Measurement, plus modular amplifiers, power amplifiers, M/W switches, attenuators and VCOs. 

Key features of the EPSMA series connectors include:

  • Frequency Range: DC to 27 GHz
  • Low VSWR to 27 GHz (1.15:1 max to 27 GHz)
  • Thicker Outer Wall
  • 2 Hole and 4 Hole Flange Field Replaceable Configurations
  • Low RF Leakage: < 90 dB
  • Interface Conforms to MIL-STD 348 

These enhanced devices differ from standard, "off the shelf" SMAs in that they offer a higher maximum frequency, a thicker outer wall that increases durability even with repeat matings, consistently lower VSWR, as well as better performance at the customer level when the connector is integrated. The lower VSWR means more consistent performance, which in turn reduces labor required in tuning the products, resulting in lower overall system cost. 

To learn more about additional products, please visit the Carlisle IT storefront on the Richardson RFPD website. 

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