runcomIn recent years, OFDMA based BWA networks were commercially deployed in masses providing broad band internet wireless access to millions of subscribers. The two most popular standards used for BWA deployments are the veteran 802.16e (WiMAX) and the emerging LTE. Driving this growing market is the availability of a wide range of low cost CPE devices including laptop dongles, smart-phones and tablets. In parallel to this increasing popularity of wireless deployments, governments and public safety agencies are hoping to deploy the same technology for better crisis management that will simply save lives in critical times. System vendors that traditionally offered a solution for commercial deployments are now facing a new challenge – adopting the civil technology to various homeland security applications.

In this paper we take a closer look at various BWA HLS applications and their implementation. Our primary focus is to understand the capabilities required from these applications and to show how flexibility and controllability of system components can help address these requirements. We will demonstrate several implementations of end-to-end solutions based on Runcom’s product line and shed some light on the technology specific techniques used to enable these solution.

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