The following booth numbers are complete as of April 15, 2004.

Aluminum Flange Stock

This aluminum waveguide flange stock is available in sizes ranging from WR22 to WR137 and double ridged sizes WRD 180, 580, 650 and 750. This 6063 extruded aluminum material precludes the need to broche corners in the windows of aluminum bar stock to manufacture flanges. The waveguide window is centered within 0.002" of the outside dimensions, and is within 0.002" of the selected waveguide opening. Aluminum flange stock complements other waveguide products. Delivery: same day shipping for all items in stock.

A-Alpha Waveguide Co.,

El Segundo, CA (310) 322-3497,

Booth 1646 Circle 216

Precision Instrument

The DiVA model D225EP is an enhanced precision instrument for the large-signal pulsed measurement of semiconductor RF conduction characteristics. The instrument makes fast, synchronized pulse measurements on two ports. The pulse measurements are made starting from a quiescent or bias point, which may be set freely by the user without the need for external power supplies or bias tees. This model offers a supply up to 25 V and a maximum current of one amp.

Accent Optical Technologies,

Bend, OR (866) 318-5333,

Booth 1904 Circle 217

L-band Radar Transistors

These L-band radar transistors provide high output power for use in systems requiring long pulse operation. The transistors incorporate the latest in L-band chip layouts. The model 1214-150L is a transistor that offers 150 W peak, 7.15 dB power gain and a 45 percent collector efficiency. The model 1214-32L is a driver that offers 32 W peak, 7.5 dB power gain and a 45 percent collector efficiency.

Advanced Power Technology RF,

Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031,

Booth 916 Circle 218

Test Equipment

This company has rented and shipped test equipment throughout the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and many Latin American countries. ATEC, based out of San Diego, CA, is a rental company that warehouses test and measurement equipment from over 100 different manufacturers in all areas of testing. In business since 1981, it fully supports all of the equipment it owns with its in-house calibration lab.

Advanced Test Equipment Corp.,

San Diego, CA (800) 404-2832,

Booth 514 Circle 219

Medium Power Amplifier

The model PA015018-33 is a narrowband medium power amplifier (NBPA) that offers a frequency range of 1.5 to 1.9 GHz. This NBPA joins the broadband RF family of fiber optic, logarithmic, low noise amplifiers, RF modules and subassemblies for the commercial, industrial and military markets. The model design features a fault monitor able to respond in less than 200 ns allowing the user to separate the existence of a single pulse in the pulse stream. The unit delivers 2 W of output power, while providing good thermal performance and higher reliability. Price: $1550 (10-24).

Aeroflex Inc., Microelectronic Solutions, Plainview, NY (516) 694-6700,

Booth 1029 Circle 220

Digital RF Signal Generator

The model IFR 3416 is a digital RF signal generator that covers 250 kHz to 6 GHz. It offers all the benefits of the 3410 series in a 2U high package. Aimed at IEEE 802.11a WLAN testing, the 3416 retains good linearity, speed and value. This model is supported by IQCreator™, the company’s free waveform generation application software.

Aeroflex Inc., Test Solutions,

Plainview, NY (516) 694-6700,

Booth 1029 Circle 221

80 W High Power Amplifier

These 50 W and 100 W high power, X-band, solid-state power amplifiers operate from 9 to 10.5 GHz in compact and robust packages. The amplifiers are employed in airborne and ground military radars. These high power units operate from +12 and +28 VDC and are packed with a variety of standard features. The amplifiers are extremely rugged and offer good reliability.

Aethercomm Inc.,

San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340,

Booth 2047 Circle 222

RF Plastic Transistor Products

These high performance radio frequency overmolded plastic packaged transistor products will accelerate deployment of a vast array of wireless base station amplifier equipment. The plastic-encased transistors are used in wireless base station amplifiers. These products are lead-free and are capable of continuous operation at a 200°C junction temperature. The five devices range in power from 10 to 60 W. Price: $8.50 to $32.00 (10,000).

Agere Systems,

Allentown, PA (610) 712-4323,

Booth 157 Circle 223

Design Software

This 2004A version of Advanced Design System software sets a new standard for productivity and ease-of-use for common design tasks. It provides layout verification capabilities, a patented optimization technology and is supported on the RedHat Linux operating system.

Agilent Technologies EEsof Division,

Palo Alto, CA (800) 829-4444,

Booth 1729 Circle 224

Vector Network Analyzer

This 4-port, 20 GHz vector network analyzer is designed for engineers requiring multiport, balanced measurements on active and passive devices up to 20 GHz. This new member to the PNA-L family combines high measurement speed with good accuracy and flexibility. Features and options are available for a wide variety of measurement applications including a configurable test set for high power measurements, frequency-offset mode for mixer and amplifier measurements, and time domain analysis. The N5230 Opt 240/245 will be available for purchase on July 1, 2004.

Agilent Technologies,

Palo Alto, CA (800) 829-4444,

Booth 1729 Circle 356

MMIC Power Amplifier

The model AM052535MM-BM is a high voltage GaAs FET power amplifier that operates over the frequency band of 0.05 to 2.5 GHz. It is in a ceramic package with both RF and DC leads at the sides of the package to facilitate low cost SMT assembly to the PC board. Typical performance at 0.05 to 2.5 GHz, when Vdd = 20 V, Idd = 550 mA, Ta = 25°C and at 1 GHz is P1dB = 35 dBm, Eff = 28 percent and gain is 22 dB. Input return loss is 20 dB and output return loss is 15 dB. Size: 7 ¥ 7 mm (base).

Amcom Communications,

Clarksburg, MD (301) 353-8400,

Booth 719 Circle 225

Reflective SPDT Switch

The model SWN-218-2DR-STD options 204F, HPR80W, LIL is a high power (80 W) cold switching SP2T solid-state switch that operates from 2 to 4 GHz. It offers an insertion loss of < 1.25 dB typical, VSWR is 2.0, isolation is 35 dB, switching speed is £ 200 ns delay on and £ 350 ns delay off. Supply voltages are +5 V at 38 mA and –15 V at 2 mA. Size: 1.2" ¥ 1.0" ¥ 0.5". Weight: 1.5 ounces typical.

American Microwave Corp.,

Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

Booth 428 Circle 226

Multilayer Capacitor

The 600L series is an EIA 0402, NPO multilayer capacitor that is supplied in 10,000 piece tape and reel for high volume applications. This series was specifically designed for the most critical RF and microwave applications. These capacitors offer nominal dimensions of 0.040 L ¥ 0.020 W, a capacitance range of 0.1 to 27 pF, a voltage rating of 200 W VDC and an operating temperature of –55° to 125°C.

American Technical Ceramics,

Huntington Station, NY (631) 622-4700,

Booth 2019 Circle 227

2 to 18 GHz LNA with Limiter

The model AML218L2601L is a multioctave 2 to 18 GHz low noise amplifier with high power RF input protection. This model has a noise figure of 2.8 dB with 24 dB of gain. An RF input protection circuit provides power limiting and pulse spike clean up functions for up to 100 W 1 ms pulses with 0.1 percent duty cycle. Internal DC regulation, reverse voltage protection and field removable SMA RF connector shells are standard features.

AML Communications Inc.,

Camarillo, CA (805) 388-1345,

Booth 2208 Circle 228

Integrated Synthesizer and VCO

The model ADF4360-7 is an integrated integer-N synthesizer and voltage-controlled oscillator. The ADF4360-7 center frequency is set by external inductors, which allows a frequency range between 350 to 1800 MHz. In addition, a divide-by-2 option is available, whereby the user receives an RF output of between 175 and 900 MHz. Control of all the on-chip registers is through a simple 3-wire interface. The device operates with a power supply ranging from 3.0 to 3.6 V and can be powered when not in use.

Analog Devices Inc.,

Norwood, MA (781) 329-4700,

Booth 847 Circle 229

Surface-mount Components

These surface-mount components leverage the strengths of the Xinger“ brand components while offering notable improvements to the original line by virtue of new designs, materials and manufacturing processes. These Xinger II-brand components are commencing with a line-up of 3, 5, 10 and 20 dB couplers that cover 800 to 2300 MHz and offer good performance enhancements. This product line results in a 34 percent lower insertion loss, up to 80 percent higher power handling, additional “double-digit” performance gains to boost system efficiency and an optional lead-free finish.

Anaren Microwave Inc.,

E. Syracuse, NY (800) 411-6596,

Booth 1147 Circle 230

3G Test Tool

The model MX786201A Rapid Test Designer (RTD) is designed to be used with the company’s MD8480B W-CDMA signaling tester. The RTD is a next-generation tool that helps W-CDMA user equipment (UE) developers and network operators conduct interoperability tests on 3G mobile UE that go beyond existing conformance tests and test networks. An RTD system consists of a Windows-based PC connected to the MD8480B and a set of core tools that supports the entire process – design, test, analysis, test execution and results. Price: $222,615. Delivery: three to four weeks ARO.

Anritsu Co.,

Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-2000,

Booth 1329 Circle 231

Circuit Design Solutions

Nexxim™ is a circuit simulation solution that when combined with Ansoft Designer™ provides complete solutions for high frequency circuit design. Nexxim targets the next generation of analog/mixed-signal applications, including high performance RFCMOS, GaAs/SiGe RF ICs and gigabit computer and communication backplanes. This product offers time and frequency-domain circuit simulation with consistent results across both analysis domains and simulation accuracy and transistor-level detail without the use of model approximations. Price: $79,900.

Ansoft Corp.,

Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200,

Booth 1429 Circle 232

Measurement Software

SoftPlot software version 5, for RF and microwave engineers, expands its range of integral GPIB drivers to capture test equipment measurement data. SoftPlot requires no programming to utilize the software. Simple controls transfer the data and create the desired graphical representation. This software facilitates scaling, markers, limit lines and annotation, and then can embed presentations or spreadsheets into documents. Furthermore, measurements can be exported to CAD and math packages for simulation and advanced processing.

Aphena Ltd.,

Cambridge, UK +44 1223 700499,

Booth 264 Circle 233

Circuit Design and Analysis Tool

The 7.92 version of the circuit design and analysis tool kit introduces enhanced measurement support for mixers, amplifiers and oscillators. This measurement support can be instructed to handle repetitive simulation tasks. A new artificial neural network (ANN) model generator increases productive functionality both generically and as a replacement for data-intensive table models, while the model-order reduction analysis method is implemented for faster analysis of linear circuits. Features and models for RFIC and system level design include WLAN system blocks, BSIM4 v4.30 and MOS11 as well as a new PIN diode model.

APLAC Solutions Corp.,

Espoo, Finland +358 (0)9 540 450 00,

Booth 637 Circle 234


The model 768 is an amplifier/transmitter that is designed for incoming, shipboard missile simulation. It is installed in a sealed pod and carried on a high speed aircraft. The model 768 is designed to operate high power magnetron transmitters as well as coupled cavity and broadband helix type traveling wave tubes. The transmitter components are cooled through the use of wax-filled thermal storage units.

Applied Systems Engineering Inc.,

Fort Worth, TX (817) 249-4180,

Booth 432 Circle 235


From time-saving circuit design software, to the latest insights on testing system-on-a-chip devices… the Artech House Publishers booth features books and software that keep engineers on the forefront of microwave engineering. Featured software includes FAST, the Fast Amplifier Synthesis Tool that reduces complex circuit development to a highly efficient three-step process. Also featured is Production Testing of RF & System-on-a-Chip Devices for Wireless Communications, a first-of-its-kind book that introduces creative new testing methods with 3G, WLAN and Bluetooth applications.

Artech House Publishers,

Norwood, MA (800) 225-9977,

Booth 2005 Circle 236

Solid-state Amplifiers

The model 5S4G11 and model 1S4G11 are broadband solid-state amplifiers intended for low power applications up to 10.6 GHz. The model 5S4G11 is a solid-state, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband amplifier that delivers a minimum of 5 W of RF power when used with a sweep generator. Its frequency rezones is 4 to 10.6 GHz instantaneously, which gives users room to grow as specifications and requirements demand higher frequencies. The model 1S4G11 is a 1 W broadband amplifier with similar features.

AR Worldwide

(formerly Amplifier Research),

Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181,

Booth 1529 Circle 237

Back Contact Resistor

This back contact resistor design offers < 0.4 W. This has been achieved over a 3 inch diameter wafer while maintaining tolerances as low as ±0.1 percent over a resistance range of 5 W to 1 megohm. This < 0.4 W low uniform back contact resistance was designed using the company’s semiconductor device design experience. Quantities are available in 250 through 50,000 per order. Size: 0.020" ¥ 0.020" ¥ 0.010".

Bandwidth Semiconductor LLC,

Hudson, NH (603) 595-8900,

Booth 158 Circle 238

Programmable Attenuators

The model 651-017-063 is a programmable attenuator that features PIN diode switching technology and attenuation ranges up to 127 dB. This model offers a 0 to 63 dB dynamic range in 1 dB steps over a frequency range of 800 to 2200 MHz. The switching speed is 2 ms typical and TTL control is standard. A rugged aluminum mechanical package features SMA female RF connectors. Applications include production test systems, RF simulation for wireless test and verification environments, and OEM test equipment.

BroadWave Technologies Inc.,

Franklin, IN (317) 346-6101,

Booth 701 Circle 239

Design Software Tools

These RF EDA tools include full DRC, Netlist Check, Powerful Pour, Automatic Via Placement, Gerber Out and full RF part intelligence. Bi-directional links to Agilent’s ADS, AWR’s MWO, Ansoft’s HFSS, CST’s Microwave Studio and Sonnet provide full design simulation.

CAD Design Software,

Los Gatos, CA (408) 358-3305,

Booth 272 Circle 240

Device and Circuit Software

This NeuroModeler software offers new capabilities for developing neural network models for RF/microwave devices and circuits. This software is currently available and includes automatic model generation, integrated neural network and equivalent circuit modeling. Use the software to develop fast models for EM structures, FETs, HBTs, HEMTs and behavioral models for nonlinear circuits.

Carleton University,

Ottawa, ON, Canada,

Booth 612 Circle 241

Gain Block Amplifiers

This CGB7000 product family is a series of broadband, hi-rel, high linearity InGaP HBT gain block amplifiers. These amplifiers are available as bare die or in SOT-89 packages and are manufactured using the company’s in-house InGaP HBT semiconductor technology. Designed for applications that operate within the 0.1 to 6.0 GHz frequency range they are ideal solutions for transmit, receive and IF applications. Price: $1.25 (1000).

Celeritek Inc.,

Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-5060,

Booth 1019 Circle 242

Programmable Prescaler

The model UXM15P is a divider unit, programmable prescaler for use in high frequency phase-locked loops and in timing devices for the telecommunications market. This model features wideband operation in both a binary divide-by-2/4/8 mode and a multi-modulus divide-by-4/5/6/7/8/9 mode. Operating range for the binary mode is DC to 20 GHz and DC to 15 GHz for multi-modulus mode.

Centellax Inc.,

Santa Rosa, CA (866) 522-6888,

Booth 2206 Circle 243

Multi-channel RF Transceiver

The model CC1021 is a multi-channel RF transceiver that is designed for relaxed narrowband operations (≥ 50 kHz channel spacing). This model operates in the 402 to 470 MHz and 804 to 940 MHz frequency ranges. A true single-chip UHF transceiver, it has the flexibility offered by a software configurable radio architecture: RF frequency, modulation, Manchester/NRZ, output power, data rate and IF bandwidth can be programmed via an SPI-compatible interface to optimize each individual application and create a low cost, but still robust RF communication.

Chipcon AS,

Oslo, Norway +47 22 95 85 44,

Booth 1908 Circle 244

Connector System

These interconnect solutions are for use on backplane and card-edge applications. The series accommodates RF/microwave, digital and power signals to be routed through the same housing helping to facilitate quick disconnect of circuit cards from a central backplane. The contact arrangement can be either fully or partially loaded with various mounting methods and plating finishes available. A complete offering of male and female standard and reverse package configurations are available for the housing.

Compel Electronics Inc.,

Harvard, MA (978) 456-9186,

Booth 917 Circle 245

Modeling Package

The release of FEMLAB 3 is a powerful multiphysics modeling package using finite element analysis, that can be run stand-alone or with MATLAB. It is used in research, product development and teaching, in such fields as: acoustics, antennas, electromagnetics, microwave engineering, nanotechnology, optics and photonics, radio frequency components and wave propagation. A complimentary copy of the Fall seminar tour CD is currently available. The CD contains the case studies presented and 28 new models made with the recent version of FEMLAB 3.


Burlington, MA (781) 273-3322,

Booth 2306 Circle 246

D-Subminiature Connectors

These filtered D-subminiature connectors are available in pin counts from 9 to 50 with five types of filtering options. The options are ferrite, chip capacitor, ceramic tubular “C” and “Pi” and planar filtering. Capacitance values typically range from 68 to 5000 pF. Higher capacitance values are available through the company’s custom design center. Filter adapters are also available in 9 to 37 pin configurations.

Corry Micronics Inc.,

Corry, PA (814) 664-7728,

Booth 409 Circle 247

Power Amplifiers

These high efficiency power amplifiers are for pulsed radar applications. The amplifiers are specifically designed to accommodate numerous and demanding requirements within the homeland security and military environments for airborne and transportable manpack radar systems. These amplifiers operate within the X-band frequency of 8 to 12 GHz and offer a choice of 10, 20 and 40 W of output power, and gain of up to 50 dB, minimum.

CTT Inc.,

Sunnyvale, CA (408) 541-0596,

Booth 2013 Circle 248

Measurement Solution

The model COAX-3000 is an RF cable measurement solution that fully automates network analyzers used for testing RF cables. All types and sizes of RF coaxial cables can be measured providing an expandable and flexible test platform for coaxial cables, cable assemblies and cable harnesses. The COAX-3000 also includes functions for phase matching and insertion loss matching. A network analyzer calibration manager is included, which saves significant time by simplifying the process of performing and managing the various vector error correction states.

DCM Industries Inc.,

Union City, CA (510) 429-9500,

Booth 162 Circle 249

Ridged Horn Antennas

The model GH1-12N and model GH1-12S are broadband ridged horn, linear polarized antennas that cover 1 to 12 GHz and 1 to 18 GHz. The 1 to 12 GHz antennas have either type N (model GH1-12N) or SMA (model GH1-12S) coaxial inputs. The gain of 8 to 12 dBi covers the full range of 1 to 12 GHz. Size: 5.8" ¥ 7.6". Price: $450. The model GH1-18N (with type N connector) covers 1 to 18 GHz with a gain of 6 to 10 dBi. Size: 6.2" ¥ 9.6" ¥ 9.8". Price: $990.

Dorado International Corp.,

Seattle, WA (206) 574-0900,

Booth 1129 Circle 355

Switch Matrix

The model 13D12-480822T is a CANBus-based integrated switch matrix that is equipped with a built-in Ethernet Port. The switch matrix is based on the standard design of the SP12T switch with internal termination. This model performs up to 18 GHz and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP protocols on 10BaseT networks. It can also be controlled using the CANBus interface. This model offers a 22 to 26 VDC operation.

Dow-Key Microwave,

Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260,

Booth 1636 Circle 250

High Frequency Design Software

This latest version of GENESYS 2004 is a popular suite of design software for RF and microwave engineers. This release further enriches the design environment for workgroup and Enterprise-level teams and includes many new features for professional and personal users as well, including new synthesis topologies for filters and oscillators, LDMOS models, RF architecture simulation enhancements and integrated component libraries.

Eagleware Corp.,

Norcross, GA (678) 291-0995,

Booth 937 Circle 251

Driver Amplifier

The model ECG099B is an RF MMIC power amplifier that is for the 3G and base station market. It has high linearity, typically 41 dBm OIP3 at 1.9 GHz. This model has internal temperature compensated bias circuitry. This amplifier can operate from a single 5 V supply as low as 3 V (P1dB drops to typically 16 dBm, noise figure drops to 4 dB).

EiC Corp.,

Fremont, CA (510) 979-8953,

Booth 1100 Circle 252

Broadband Synthesizer

The WFS series of synthesizers is based on indirect PLL design technology with internal DDS for fine resolution. This series is ideally suited for ATE as well as radar and EW system applications where broadband coverage, low phase noise, fast switching speeds and reliability are of primary importance. These synthesizers offer an output frequency of 1.5 to 3 GHz, a frequency resolution of 1 kHz and a switching speed of 120 ms. Size: 4.25" ¥ 5.7" ¥ 1.1". Weight: 1.2 lbs.

Elcom Technologies Inc.,

Rockleigh, NJ (201) 767-8030,

Booth 271 Circle 253

Frequency Synthesizer

The model MBS-8000 is a frequency synthesizer that covers the entire 500 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range with a single-component convenience. With 100 kHz to 1 MHz step sizes, the MBS-8000 features fast switching speeds and good phase noise performance. This model is ideally suited for UWB radar and microwave test and instrumentation applications. These synthesizers are supplied with internal regulators and buffer amplifiers that utilize either internal or customer-supplied external frequency references. Size: 3.5" ¥ 2.5" ¥ 0.6".

EM Research Inc.,

Verdi, NV (775) 345-2411,

Booth 421 Circle 254

High Reliability Attenuator

This Thermopad“ temperature variable attenuator and line of fixed attenuators is now available in a high reliability S-level configuration. The attenuator allows inclusion of temperature compensation using a single passive device into high reliability S-level, military and aerospace designs without the need for costly and time consuming drawings and specifications. This line of high reliability products meets the specification and testing requirements of Mil-PRF-55342.

EMC Technology,

a Smiths Interconnect company,

Stuart, FL (772) 286-9300,

Booth 1336 Circle 255

Low Loss Dielectric Material

This ECCOSTOCK“ line is a low loss dielectric, rigid, syntactic foam material. ECCOSTOCK CK is a lightweight controlled dielectric material that is available with dielectric constants from 1.7 to 15. The material is moldable and lends itself to being machined to meet complex configurations. It is ideal for aerospace applications where density is vital to solutions. This material is also a choice material for microwave lenses because of its low loss properties and its ability to be successfully molded into large volume spheres.

Emerson & Cuming

Microwave Products Inc.,

Randolph, MA (781) 961-9600,

Booth 2219 Circle 256

Low Noise Amplifiers

The FLNA-10 series of low noise amplifiers is based on GaAs MMIC devices. This series is designed for high performance compact systems and operates at the 92 to 96 GHz frequency range. This series offers a gain of 15 dB minimum and a noise figure of 5.5 dB maximum, 4 dB typical. These amplifiers are especially designed for low noise applications. The amplifiers can be stacked to provide additional gain. Size: 20 ¥ 25 ¥ 13.5 mm.

Farran Technology Ltd.,

Cork, Ireland +353 214872814,

Booth 2008 Circle 257

Mixed Layout Connectors

These mixed layout D-subminiature connectors facilitate the delivery of RF, data, power and high voltage in a consolidated single package for numerous applications including backplanes, panel and board mounted. Widely used configurations include 3W3, 7W2, 9W4 and 8W8. 50 and 75 W RF contacts are available in frequencies up to 5 GHz for various industry-standard cables including 0.086 SR, RG316, RG179 and RG58 as well as for PCB termination.

FCT Electronics LP,

Torrington, CT (860) 482-2800,

Booth 2002 Circle 258

PCS Diplexer

The A-DPX1900-X series of PCS diplexers offer a transmit frequency of 1950 to 1990 MHz and a receive frequency of 1870 to 1910 MHz. The insertion loss (Tx and Rx) is a maximum of 1.5 dB and the isolation is 75 dB minimum. Rejection is greater than 50 dB from DC to 1770 MHz and from 2090 to 6 GHz. The operating temperature ranges from –40° to +70°C.

Filtel Microwave Inc.,

Ottawa, ON, Canada, (613) 731-5882,

Booth 1948 Circle 259

Power PHEMTs

The model FPD1000AS and model FPD2000AS are power PHEMT products. These surface-mount devices are ideally suited for applications requiring high gain, efficiency and linearity. Typical uses include output stages for picocell transmitters, drivers for higher power base station requirements, or fixed wireless access applications through 3.5 GHz. The FPD1000AS is a 1 W device that features 16 dB linear gain at 1.8 GHz when tuned for best linearity. The FPD2000AS offers 2 W with 15 dB linear gain.

Filtronic Compound Semiconductor Inc., Cupertino, CA (408) 850-5790,

Booth 2235 Circle 260

SMT Power Dividers

These SMT power dividers are high power, Wilkinson type, in-phase devices that are capable of combining and dividing two, three and four-way signals. The patented technology enables the devices to be surface-mountable and dissipate power up to 35 W. The devices are used in GSM, PCS and 2.5G and 3G frequency bands. The available package sizes are 0.56" ¥ 0.35", 0.65" ¥ 0.48" and 0.87" ¥ 0.48".

Florida RF Labs,

a Smiths Interconnect company,

Stuart, FL (772) 286-9300,

Booth 1336 Circle 261

Precision Temperature System

The ThermoJet™ Precision Temperature Forcing System enables robust and reliable temperature testing of electronic components and assemblies. ThermoJet’s cascade refrigeration system provides high reliability, especially in a 24/7 environment, and is capable of maintaining –80°C at 20 SCFM airflow. Other convenient features include a detachable touchscreen controller for benchtop operation and a small


FTS Systems Inc.,

Stone Ridge, NY (845) 687-5319,

Booth 806 Circle 262

Microwave Synthesizers

These microwave synthesizer models complete the 2400 series product family for communications and instrumentation applications. With frequency ranges to 40 GHz, the 2400M/AM modulation version of the 2400 series synthesizers delivers performance combining low phase noise, high output power and fast switching simultaneously. Price: $24,000. Delivery: eight weeks.

Giga-tronics Inc.,

San Ramon, CA (925) 328-4650,

Booth 1837 Circle 263

Low Loss Cable Assembly

The model SMS-LL180-SMS is a high performance flexible cable assembly. It is designed for low VSWR and good phase stability up to 18 GHz. This cable assembly is suitable for test of devices for repeatable and consistent measurement. All cable assemblies are fully inspected and tested for return loss (VSWR) or as per customer specifications.

GigaLane Co. Ltd.,

Kyonggi-do, Korea +82-31-259-7536,

Booth 404 Circle 264

Coaxial Cables

These low loss coaxial cables offer high shielding effectiveness. The inner spiral strip/outer braid configuration and the higher velocity expanded PTFE dielectrics of the company’s LLS cable constructions offer low attenuation levels. The shielding configuration allows the manufacture of small diameter, lightweight cables with shielding effectiveness levels exceeding –100 dB.

Harbour Industries,

Shelburne, VT (802) 985-3311,

Booth 707 Circle 265

Ultra-fast Wideband Synthesizers

The DS series of synthesizers offers a switching time as fast as 300 ns. This series delivers ample speed to meet the required response times and performance criteria of most military EW, surveillance, radar and frequency-agile equipment. The DS synthesizers are capable of covering bandwidths as wide as 10 MHz to 20.48 GHz in a single unit. Typical phase noise for a 10 GHz output frequency is –120 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

Herley-CTI Inc.

(formerly Communication

Techniques Inc.),

Whippany, NJ (973) 884-2580,

Booth 1919 Circle 357

UHF Power Amplifier

The model HPAS221401M12 is a UHF radio communication power amplifier that operates over the frequency range of 225 to 400 MHz with an output power level of 100 W CW. This model is capable of various input modulations: AM/FM/PSK/FSK and TDMA. Other features include solid-state transmit/receive switching capability, automatic level control, RS423 remote interface and an operating temperature of –20° to +55°C.

Herley Industries Inc.,

Farmingdale, NY (631) 630-2000,

Booth 1919 Circle 266

Comb Generator

The model GC2050A is a step recovery diode comb (harmonic) generator. This model offers an input frequency of 2 GHz and output frequency up to 50 GHz. This miniature generator is available with a SMA (M) on the input and a K connector (F) on the output. It is input matched up to 50 W with VSWR at 2.1 maximum. Size: 1.32" ¥ 1.31".

Herotek Inc.,

San Jose, CA (408) 941-8399,

Booth 519 Circle 354

Transmit/Receive MMIC Switch

The model HMC484MS8G is a 10 W GaAs PHEMT transmit/receive (T/R) MMIC switch for infrastructure and handheld/portable applications including cellular/PCS/3G, mobile, radio, automotive telematics and test equipment. The HMC484MS8G is a SPDT switch for use in T/R applications from DC to 3 GHz, where low distortion of > +70 dBm IIP3 is required at input signal levels as high as 10 W. This switch provides 0.5 dB insertion loss, 30 dB of isolation and can operate with control voltages from +3 to +10 V.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,

Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343,

Booth 841 Circle 267

Millimeter-wave Front End

This front end unit completely integrates passive and active components in one radio link. The compact dimensions of approximately 6" ¥ 6" allow easy installation and cost-effective site planning. It is designed for high volume production and operates as a data link in the 60 GHz unlicensed band with a data rate of 100 Mbps over a distance of 1 km. There are also plans for the product family to be extended to 1000 Mbps.

Huber + Suhner AG,

Mobile Communications + Electronics, Herisau, Switzerland +41 (0) 71 353 41 11,

Booth 1612 Circle 268

LDMOS Transistors

These thermally enhanced LDMOS RF transistors have a 15 to 30 percent lower thermal resistance. These devices are denoted by an E or F suffix in the part number and will be integrated into the company’s existing GOLDMOS“ product lines for broadcast, cellular, DCS, PCS and UMTS throughout 2004. The first devices utilizing thermally enhanced technology are already in production and available with no additional cost.

Infineon Technologies,

Morgan Hill (408) 776-0600,

Booth 929 Circle 269

Power Transistor

The model IB1011S1500 is a power transistor for interrogator and transponder applications. It produces 1.5 kW minimum output for 1030/1090 MHz avionics applications and is 100 percent screened in a fixed tuned circuit at 1030 MHz. These transistors are sealed in ceramic packages. Die and internal matching networks use gold metallization, and an all gold interconnect system for high reliability.

Integra Technologies Inc.,

El Segundo, CA (310) 606-0855,

Booth 2004 Circle 270

Microprobe Station

The model LMS-2709 laboratory microprobe station features 1-, 2-, 3- and even 4-port S-parameter RF/microwave measurements in excess of 40 GHz, in addition to multicontact DC measurements. The unit is rugged, compact and self-contained with standard 2" vacuum chuck having 1" ¥ 1" movement and z-lift for removing probe contact. Precision 0.5" travel x-y-z magnetic mount probe manipulators on a nickel-plated steel platen, 10X/30X bin/trinocular stereo microscope and vacuum pump. Price: $6,500 to $10,000.

J microTechnology Inc.,

Portland, OR (503) 614-9509,

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Phase-locked Block Converters

These high performance phase-locked block converters are designed to translate a block of L-band frequencies to either C-, X- or Ku-band frequencies or vice versa. The BUC series offers 15 dB gain with ± 1 dB flatness over the RF frequency band and ±0.2 dB over any 40 MHz segment. Typical phase noise at 13.05 GHz with LO locking to 10 MHz external reference is –90 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

Jersey Microwave LLC,

Hackettstown, NJ (908) 684-2390,

Booth 512 Circle 272

WLAN Power Dividers

These broadband two-way, four-way and eight-way power dividers are designed specifically for WLAN applications. The model 50PD-519 (two-way), model 50PD-520 (four-way) and model 50PD-521 (eight-way) operate from 2 to 6 GHz with a maximum insertion loss of 3.6 dB (3.4 dB typical). Each model will handle up to 5 W of continuous RF power and maintains a minimum isolation of 20 dB. SMA female connectors are standard, however, custom designs are also available.

JFW Industries Inc.,

Indianapolis, IN (317) 887-1340,

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Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable

This low cost coaxial cable is available in 0.034", 0.047", 0.085" and 0.141" sized bare copper, silver plated copper, tin plated copper and tin plated aluminum versions.

JyeBao Co. Ltd.,

Taipei Shien, Taiwan

+886-2-29029282, www.jyebao.

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Filter Synthesis and Selection Tool

This Filter Wizard™ is a Web-based filter synthesis and selection tool that provides accurate performance data, graphs and downloadable S-parameters for microwave engineers. This Wizard was developed to employ a user-friendly format for entering desired filter specifications. The program then calculates both conventional Chebychev (All-pole) as well as advanced pseudo-elliptical (Pole-placed) solutions. Typically, users are given a number of solutions to their specifications and may then pick the choices that best meet their needs based on overall performance, size and relative cost. Easy downloading of S-parameters and mechanical package dimensions on any design provide further aid to the designer.

K&L Microwave Inc.,

Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,

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GSM Demodulation Option

This GSM demodulation option is for the model 2800 RF power analyzer. This option simplifies evaluating the modulation quality of signals transmitted from devices, providing measurements like frequency error, phase error, compliance with output RF spectrum and time mask standard limitations. It expands the capabilities of the model 2800, which provides frequency selective RF power measurements.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,

Cleveland, OH (440) 248-0400,

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Coaxial Cable

These Niobium Titanium (NbTi) superconducting coaxial cables have good performance and employment especially from 4K (Kelvin) down to 4 mK at the heat slope. Thermal conductivity is the ultimate low. A 1/3000 of that of copper coaxial cables and a 1/300 of the Niobium (Nb). The cables are available up to 60 GHz.

Keycom Corp.,

Tokyo, Japan 03-5950-3101,

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Broadband Switches

These 2 to 4 GHz, 80 W, SPDT, high power broadband switches offer a typical insertion loss of 1 dB in the passband and isolation of 50 dB minimum. The switch can be controlled by single or dual TTL control logic. The supply voltages are ±15 V and the maximum passband VSWR is 1.5. Other products include 200 to 400 MHz, 500 to 1000 MHz, 1 to 2 GHz and high power switches up to 300 W.

KP Microwave Components Inc.,

San Diego, CA (858) 566-4312,

Booth 608 Circle 278

Digital Receiver

This dual channel, high speed data acquisition and real-time digital signal processing module incorporates two Atmel TS83102, 2 Gsa/sec, 10 bit analog-to-digital converters and up to three Virtex-II field programmable gate arrays. The board also has two high speed serial (Hotlink) interfaces and a VME64 interface. Typical applications include electronic warfare, radar and software defined radios.

LNX Corp.,

Salem, NH (603) 898-6800,

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High Power Diplexer

The model D10EZX-5362.5/5737.5-S/T is a high power diplexer that is designed to operate with a Tx band of 5625 to 5850 MHz and an Rx band from 5250 to 5475 MHz. The diplexer features a 1 dB maximum insertion loss with a 1.5 VSWR. The Tx to Rx isolation is specified as 60 dB minimum from 5250 to 5475 MHz and 85 dB minimum from 5625 to 5850 MHz. Power handling is specified as 150 W maximum. Size: 6.0" ¥ 1.275" ¥ 0.9" excluding connectors.

Lorch Microwave,

Salisbury, MD (800) 780-2169,

Booth 2122 Circle 279

SiGe Power Amplifiers

The model MAAPSS0075, model MAAPSS0081, model MAAPSS0066 and model MAAPSS0082 are silicon germanium (SiGe) power amplifiers expressly designed for “smart PA” gain along the Tx/Rx (transmit/receive) path of the new digital European cordless telephones (DECT), wireless local area networks (WLAN) and 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g applications. The features include integrated power detection, standard lead-free 3-mm FQFP-N packaging, single-supply 2.4 V operation, and a three-stage architecture optimized for linearity, efficiency and low power consumption.

M/A-COM Inc.,

Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266,

Booth 2029 Circle 280

High Power Drop-in Isolator

This high power drop-in isolator supports the 5.8 to 6.5 GHz satellite band. This design meets the recent demand for reverse power capability of up to 70 W. The isolator has a typical insertion loss of –0.32 dB, isolation of –21 dB and VSWR of 1.15. This isolator operates over the temperature range of –40° to +85°C, performance is –0.4 dB insertion loss, –19 dB isolation and 1.25 VSWR. Size: 0.5" ¥ 0.95" ¥ 0.2".

M2 Global Technology Ltd.,

San Antonio, TX (210) 561-4800,

Booth 623 Circle 281

Large-signal Network Analyzer

The model MT4463A is a large-signal network analyzer (LSNA) that combines a set of hardware and software tools to calibrate and measure nonlinear component characteristics, with mathematical tools for describing and interpreting nonlinear behavior. This LSNA is a commercially available solution that provides accurate and complete measurement of two-port DUT characteristics in large-signal environments where nonlinear component behavior may occur.

Maury Microwave Corp.,

Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715,

Booth 1817 Circle 282

Thermal Solution

This embedded coin thermal solution has been developed to conduct component heat through the PCB directly to the chassis with the option of electrically grounding to an inner layer ground plane. This is a result of the use of high energy surface-mount components becoming more prevalent in thermal byproducts and it being increasingly difficult to dissipate from RF systems. This process provides up to 10 times the thermal transfer capacity over through hole vias, while eliminating surface-mount assembly issues.

Merix Corp.,

Forest Grove, OR (503) 359-9300,

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Antenna Pattern Optimization

The latest version 5.1 of mWave Wizard is the optimization of the antenna pattern. This new feature of mWave Wizard is the consequent enhancement of its powerful mode matching engine in combination with the fast and accurate antenna plug-in based on the spherical wave expansion. Typical goals for antennas like directivity and co- and cross-polarization can be specified easily by predefined VBA macros. Equations and functions on the antenna pattern as part of the goal functions are allowed.

Mician GbR,

Bremen, Germany +49 421 168 993 51,

Booth 643 Circle 284

Blindmate Connectors

This MM4S line of blindmate connectors works in applications up to 110 GHz. This line of connectors includes adapters and installation tools.

Micro-Mode Products Inc.,

El Cajon, CA (619) 449-3844,

Booth 821 Circle 285

Low Loss Diplexer

The model BK-21N is a pre-tuned diplexer that is designed to separate and combine low frequency signals from 80 to 2170 MHz with the 802.11b WiFi signals at 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. The suspended substrate design offers the performance of a cavity (> 50 dB isolation/0.5 dB typical loss) at a low cost. The unit is rated at 150 W input for the low frequency bands, PIM, is specified at < –140 dBc and both arms have DC continuity.


Livingston, NJ (973) 992-7700,

Booth 818 Circle 286

High Performance Synthesizer

The model 1463 is a high performance synthesizer that is capable of frequencies ranging from 8 to 15 GHz in steps of 125 kHz. This model uses a dual loop synthesis method. Output power is in the range of 20 dBm ±2 dB. Power consumption is < 12 W from 15 V. The frequency setting is a TTL 16 bit parallel data word on J2. Data output on J3 mirrors the input word and has a lock status bit asserted. Size: 5.9" ¥ 3.54" ¥ 2.95". Weight: < 3 lbs.

Micronetics Inc.,

Hudson, NH

(603) 883-2900,

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InGaP HBT Power Amplifiers

These InGaP HBT power amplifiers are for portable 802.11a/b/g wireless local area network applications that include cardbus, mini-PCI and access point products. These amplifiers are suited for such emerging applications as HDTV and video streaming capabilities. The model LX5506B amplifier provides a gain of up to 26 dB when used in 802.11a applications operating at 5.25 GHz. The model LX5512B provides a gain of 32 dB when operating in the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz frequency band for 802.11b/g applications. Price: $1.40 (LX5506B), $0.75 (LX5512B).

Microsemi Corp.,

Irvine, CA

(800) 713-4113,

Booth 2016 Circle 288

Directional Couplers

This line of high power directional couplers offer coupling at 10 or 20 dB, with a frequency range of 0.5 to 13 GHz, type N connectors along with a power handling capability up to 100 W. These new units offer low VSWR, compact size, high directivity and low insertion loss.

Microwave Communications

Laboratories Inc.,

St. Petersburg, FL

(727) 344-6254,

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Satcom Low Noise Amplifier

The model A230001-1 is an ultra-low noise amplifier for satellite communications systems that operates in the 7.25 to 7.75 GHz range. This LNA includes an integral filter that provides a minimum of 25 dBc rejection for signals above 7.9 GHz. An integral fault indicator is also included with the unit. This LNA operates over a –55° to +70°C temperature range with a nominal gain of 40 dB and a 1 dB compression point greater than +10 dBm.

Microwave Concepts Inc.,

a subsidiary of Micronetics Inc.,

Fairfield, NJ (973) 244-1040,

Booth 742 Circle 290

Design and Optimization Tool

This recent version 6.0 of WASP-NET meets the quests of “power users” for a new quality of CAD and optimization efficiency by the hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD technique combining the speed and flexibility advantages of four solvers in one single tool. Features include: FD-solver based on a novel subgrid technique enhancing the flexibility of WASP-Net; a full set of ridged waveguide components; improved filter wizards for the direct full-wave synthesis of combline and cross-coupled filters; dielectric resonator elements for compact filters and multipacting analysis for high power filters.

Microwave Innovation Group

GmbH & Co. KG (MiG),

Bremen, Germany +49 421 220 8299,

Booth 715 Circle 291

Web-based Control

The model AC002 interface complements its range of flexible, ungradeable amplifier topologies. Designed to provide easy remote instrument access, without the need to add additional hardware to a standard PC, the interface offers the flexibility to communicate via three remote interfacing standards: 10 BaseT Ethernet, RS232 and USB 2.0.

Milmega Ltd.,

Isle of Wight, UK +44 (0) 1983 618004,

Booth 265 Circle 292

Two Stage GaAs MMIC Doubler

The model 12DBL0230 is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) two-stage doubler that can be used to drive fundamental mixer devices. Using 0.15 micron gate length GaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) device model technology, this doubler converts input signals in the 9 to 14 GHz frequency range to output signals in the 18 to 28 GHz frequency range. This device has +12 dBm output drive. Delivery: six to eight weeks ARO.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,

Houston, TX (281) 988-4600,

Booth 2121 Circle 293

MMIC Amplifiers

The model Gali-74 is a high 25 dB gain amplifier that is usable to 4 GHz. This model features both a high IP3 of +38 dBm and a low 2.9 dB noise figure. Even after passing operating life tests of 5000 hours at an elevated ambient temperature of 125°C, these rugged units offer protection against unwanted transient supply voltages. Price: $2.35 (25), $1.35 (1000). Delivery: available from stock.


Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500,

Booth 319 Circle 294

Chip Resistors

These thick film chip resistors offer a 0201 case size, which makes the company a supplier of QPL/13 resistors. These handcrafted products consist of precision/thick film chip resistors, MOS capacitors, networks, attenuators, jumpers, metallized/patternized substrates, high performance alumina/glass sidewall flatpacks, high power package solutions and hybrids within four divisions. Applications include medical, military, aerospace, microwave and telecommunications. Size: 20 ¥ 10 and 15 ¥ 15 mil chips.

Mini-Systems Inc.,

North Attleboro, MA (508) 695-0203,

Booth 500 Circle 295

Dielectric Ceramic Material

This dielectric ceramic material has been designed to meet the high performance needs of base station cavity filters. The dielectric material is used in cellular infrastructure networks. This solution offers a dielectric constant of 35, depending on the application, a Qo (unloaded) of greater than 40,000 (at 2 GHz), allowing the cavity filter size to be reduced while achieving low insertion loss.

Morgan Electro Ceramics Ltd.,

Wrexham, UK +44 (0) 1978 810 456,

Booth 613 Circle 296

Passive Device Technology

This planar high density passive device (PHPD) technology is ideal for low height components. PHPD technology, which is realized by thin film printing on high Q ceramics, can be applied to many components including filters, diplexers, baluns, couplers, impedance transformers, phase transformers, power combiners and dividers, directional power monitors and mode transformers. The first such component realized from PHPD, micro chip filters, benefits from this miniaturization and low loss component technology. Size: 1.2 ¥ 0.8 ¥ 0.4 mm.

Murata Electronics,

Smyrna, GA (770) 433-5796,

Booth 1712 Circle 297

Ad-hoc WPAN

This 70 GHz ad-hoc WPAN utilizes millimeter-wave transmission technology. This technology, 70 GHz self-heterodyne technique, together with 70 GHz monolithic integrated circuits is now available. 70 GHz MMICs as well as packaging have been recently developed for use in ad-hoc WPAN. Some of these technologies may be transferred to those who are interested in 70 GHz millimeter-wave WPANs.

National Institute of Information

and Communications Technology (NICT), Minato-Ku +81-3-5562-3661,

Booth 607 Circle 298

Miniature Quartz Crystal

The NX2520DA series is an ultra-micro miniature quartz crystal that exhibits the optimum electrical performance required for miniature wireless applications. This series is available in a fundamental frequency range of 20 to 80 MHz. The NX2520DA exhibits a frequency tolerance of ±10 to ±100 ppm over the operating temperature range of –10° to +60°C. The series ESR is 100 W maximum at 20 to 30 MHz and 50 W maximum at 30 to 80 MHz. Size: 0.098" ¥ 0.079" ¥ 0.024".

NDK America Inc.,

Belvidere, IL (800) 635-9825,

Booth 263 Circle 299

Millimeter-wave Power Module

This millimeter-wave power module (MMPM) delivers peak RF output power of 100 W on a 100 W of power consumption in the 26.5 to 40 GHz range. This compact and high efficiency amplifier is ideal for emerging markets such as FWA base stations and Internet satellite terminals. Size: 260 ¥ 150 ¥ 40 mm.

NEC Microwave Tube Ltd.,

Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Booth 406 Circle 306

Horn Antenna

The model 330HC1 is a high performance horn antenna that provides a good combination of size, light weight and efficient electrical performance. This circular polarized antenna can be configured during fabrication for either right hand or left hand polarization. The antenna is designed for installation on the exterior surface of aircraft operating at speeds up to 400 knots. Optional high strength radomes are available for higher dynamic applications. Power handling of this antenna exceeds 100 W CW.

Nurad Technologies Inc.,

Baltimore, MD (410) 542-1700,

Booth 1741 Circle 307

Opto-electronic Oscillator

The MINIwave v1 (OE3610) is a miniature opto-electronic oscillator that is insensitive to vibration effects and offers a low phase noise that is independent of carrier frequency. The MINIwave is initially available in frequencies from 8 to 12.5 GHz and has a typical phase noise performance of –140 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from the carrier. This oscillator’s compact size and robust features address a variety of military platforms, communications systems and test/measurement applications.

OEwaves Inc.,

Pasadena, CA (626) 449-5000,

Booth 702 Circle 308

High Power Amplifier

The model 4022 is a high power amplifier that produces 200 W of CW power over the instantaneous frequency range of 2.7 to 3.2 GHz. This unit was designed for S-band radar applications, such as military radar, airport surveillance and maritime navigation radar. The model 4022 comes standard with RF input overdrive protection, as well as the ability to withstand an infinite load VSWR mismatch, all in a 5U high rack-mount chassis.

Ophir RF,

Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556,

Booth 814 Circle 309

Hermetic Titanium Packaging

This titanium/composite packaging uses titanium as the primary housing material and inte-grates molybdenum/copper (Mo/Cu) composite into strategic locations of the structure for high performance heat dissipation. The combination of titanium and Mo/Cu is ideal for achieving lightweight, low coefficient of thermal expansion electronic packages with high thermal conductivity. Electrical feedthru pins can be sealed directly into the titanium using Kryoflex™ ceramic. Alternately, hermetic connectors made from explosively bonded metals can be laser welded into the housing.

Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Wenatchee, WA (509) 667-9600,

Booth 1332 Circle 310

Substrate Material

This high temperature microwave grade FR-4 substrate material has a controlled Dk of 3.8 and Df of 0.007 to provide an ideal solution for many RF applications. Additionally, the proprietary blended FR-4/PTFE material N9000-13RF is currently available. This material is being utilized in many high volume antenna and low noise amplifier applications.


Anaheim, CA (714) 459-4400,

Booth 1809 Circle 311

Planar Microwave Filters

These custom planar microwave filters will fulfill filter applications that are presently fabri-cated on the original equipment manufacturers printed circuit board. By outsourcing the filter requirements to the company, the OEM’s design engineer can focus on system challenges. Plug and play devices can reduce production and design cycle times and eliminate tuning on the assembly. The filters will be available from 1 to 18 GHz and are housed in both surface-mount or connector oriented packages.

Piezo Technology Inc. (PTI),

Orlando, FL (407) 298-2000,

Booth 618 Circle 312

Low Noise Amplifier

The model PE2-15-2M18G-5R5-16-15-SFF is a low noise amplifier that operates from 2 MHz to 18 GHz. This model offers a gain of 15 dB with a gain flatness of ±2.5 dB and noise figure of 5.5 dB. The amplifier has an output 1 dB compression of 16 dBm while the VSWR input and output is 2.3, and the DC current draw is 350 at +15 VDC.

Planar Electronics Technology,

Frederick, MD (301) 662-5019,

Booth 428 Circle 313

Quadrature Hybrid Coupler

The model QC-052-YR3 is a 3 dB quadrature hybrid coupler that when a signal is applied to any port the hybrid will split the signal equally between the ports on the side away from the input with the port adjacent to and on the same side as the input port remaining isolated. The direct port and the coupled port will be 90° out of phase. The QC-052-YR3 is a 0.5 to 2 GHz hybrid/coupler. Size: 1.45" ¥ 0.75" ¥ 0.22".

Planar Monolithics Industries Inc., Frederick, MD (301) 631-1579,

Booth 428 Circle 314

Power Amplifier IC Design

This 4.9 to 6 GHz power amplifier IC design is manufactured using a GCS’ InGaP HBT process. It addresses a number of applications including U-NII, 802.11a, HiperLAN2, Japanese WLAN and cordless telephony. The amplifier incorporates an on-chip active bias arrangement that dynamically controls the amplifier’s bias. Therefore, it is possible to realize low quiescent current with high linearity when backed-off from compression (at output power levels of up to +18 dBm), or good efficiency when operated at 0.5 W saturated output power.

Plextek Ltd.,

Essex, UK +44 (0) 1799 533200,

Booth 518 Circle 315

Phase Noise Analyzer

The model OR-102A is a 5 MHz to 1 GHz receiver for use with the model ODIN-320A phase noise analyzer. The OR-102A enables engineers to perform automated phase noise measurements at low frequencies on quartz crystal and surface acoustic wave oscillators. The residual noise of amplifiers, or any two-port device, can be automatically measured in combination with the delay line device. Delivery: 16 weeks.

Poseidon Scientific Instruments, Fremantle, WA, Australia

+61 8 9430 6639,

Booth 1604 Circle 316

Power Divider

The model PS2-51-450 is a power divider that covers the frequency range of 1 to 27 GHz with a 2 dB insertion loss, 15 dB isolation and 1.6 maximum VSWR. Amplitude and phase balance are ±0.5 dB and ±10°, respectively. Power rating is 10 W and SMA female connectors are utilized.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.,

Clifton, NJ

(973) 779-6262,

Booth 1607 Circle 317

High Reliability Clock Oscillator

The QT-88 series of crystal oscillators is designed for rugged military, aerospace and high temperature applications. Temperature ranges up to –55° to +200°C are available. The QT-88 series is available in voltage ranges from 1.8 to 5 V and frequency ranges of 0.015 to 125 MHz. This series offers a low phase noise of –140 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz. Size: 0.550" ¥ 0.350" ¥ 0.170".

Q-Tech Corp.,

Culver City, CA

(310) 836-2157,

Booth 171 Circle 318

60 MHz MMIC Family

The company’s MMIC and millimeter-wave module development team specializes in the development of transmit and receive modules for new and emerging millimeter-wave markets. The team is currently engaged in developing MMICs and MMIC-based modules for the 60 GHz band, targeted at the point-to-point and automotive communications markets. The latest additions to its 60 GHz MMIC family will soon be unveiled, as well as a range of mm-wave modules, including a high gain amplifier module for the 80 to 95 GHz band.

QinetiQ Ltd.,

Worcestershire, UK

+44 (0) 1684 89 49 12,

Booth 2347 Circle 319

Liquid Crystal Polymer Material

This liquid crystal polymer material is used in molding processes and brings hermeticity to RF power packages while maintaining high reliability, low cost and manufacturability. Thin wall construction allows more active and passive components to be packaged within the industry standard footprints. Unique copper alloy mounting flanges yield a 30 percent + improvement in heat dissipation and the Ultraseal™ technology hermetically seals the lid in less than 2 seconds. Delivery: six to eight weeks ARO.

Quantum Leap Packaging Inc., Wilmington, MA (978) 253-6112,

Booth 713 Circle 320

Four-channel Filter Bank

This four-channel switched filter bank covers the frequency range of 6 to 20 GHz in four overlapping bands. Loss variation over the entire band is 2.5 dB, while overall loss is 7.5 dB including the input and output SP4T. The out-of-band attenuation is 50 dB from 50 MHz to 26 GHz. The unit functions with +5 VDC at 100 mA and –5 VDC at 60 mA supplies and the third order intercept is +30 dBm. The high performance unit measures a scant 0.45" ¥ 2.75" ¥ 4.5", excluding connectors.

Reactel Inc.,

Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,

Booth 1108 Circle 321

Solid Copper Filled Vias

This solid copper filled via technology is for thin film substrates such as Al2O3, AlN or soft substrates. The technology has a good heat conductivity and heat transfer as a result of its pure solid copper filling and its lack of any additional components like glass. This makes it best suited for semiconductors in high power applications as the heat transfer element turns from die to heat sink. In the RF and microwave field the advantage of this technology is found in the conductivity performance for resistance, capacitance and inductance parameters.

Reinhardt Microtech AG,

Wangs, Switzerland +41 81 720 04 56,

Booth 748 Circle 322

Hot Switching Relay

The 1P2T is a “hot switchable” relay that utilizes standard type “N” connectors and a mechanical package outline. Its internal contacts employ special arc-quenching alloys and are complimented with a make-before-break switching configuration. Good RF performance is rated to 8 GHz with hot switch power levels rated at 100 W CW to 2 GHz field tested beyond 100K cycles, 80 W CW to 4 GHz and 60 W CW to 8 GHz.

RelComm Technologies Inc.,

Salisbury, MD

(410) 749-4488,

Booth 1545 Circle 323

Transmitter Combiner

These base station power combiners are for the next generation of mobile communication systems. Field-tested for true high performance, these combiners have shown good low operation temperature and stability for maximum reliability and energy efficiency. These combiners feature high isolation, low operating temperatures, two separately fused fan banks for redundancy, long life span and availability in various channel combining configurations. Size: standard 19" – 2U rack size.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,

Harvard, MA

(978) 772-7774,

Booth 2107 Circle 324

High Power Amplifier Modules

These high power, high efficiency linear power amplifier modules are for CDMA applications, including 3 V IS-95/CDMA 2000 1X handheld digital cellular equipment and spread-spectrum systems. The RF3163, RF3164 and RF3165 PA modules are manufactured on an advanced third-generation gallium arsenide heterojunction bipolar transistor (GaAs HBT) process. The PA modules are based on the company’s patent pending Lead Frame Module™ packaging technology. Size: 3 ¥ 3 ¥ 0.9 mm.

RF Micro Devices Inc.,

Greensboro, NC

(336) 664-1233,

Booth 1619 Circle 325

High Power Amplifier

The RFM series of 10 W high power amplifiers is designed for base stations and cell extenders in cellular, GSM, IMT-2000, ISM, MMDS frequency systems. A GaAs FET is used and attached on a copper sub carrier and is connected by using bias and in/out matching circuit methods with gold wire bonding. For better thermal conductivity, enhanced mode PCB was used in the 99.9 percent copper gold plate heat sink.

RFHIC, Kyonggi-do,

Korea +82-31-420-5511,

Booth 810 Circle 326

Plastic Packaging

This high power, partially matched, air cavity plastic package technology is for microwave applications. Impedance matching is built into this JEDEC Level I compliant package transforming device level impedances to more manageable higher values. An amplifier constructed around this package demonstrated 4 W of output power at 5.8 GHz with the metal base air cavity package easily capable of handling the power dissipation.

RJR Polymers Inc.,

Oakland, CA (510) 638-5901,

Booth 817 Circle 327

Step Attenuators

The model PA-124 and model PA-125 are binary programmable step attenuators that operate in frequency bands from DC to 18 GHz. Model PA-124 covers 0 to 15 dB in 1 dB steps, and model PA-125 covers 10 dB steps to 70 dB. These attenuators are available with either a failsafe or latching mode, choice of 12 or 28 VDC coils and optional TTL drivers.

RLC Electronics Inc.,

Mount Kisco, NY (914) 241-1334,

Booth 1610 Circle 328

Liquid Crystalline Polymers

The R/flex“ 300 is a family of liquid crystalline polymer (LCP)-based circuit materials. Complementing the R/flex 3600 LCP single-clad laminate, the R/flex 3850 double-clad laminate offers a low dielectric constant (Dk = 2.9) for controlled impedance combined with good dimensional stability for dense fine-line applications. R/flex® 3850 laminate is produced in a range of copper and film thicknesses, just as the single-clad laminate, and is available in standard panel formats.

Rogers Corp.,

Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605,

Booth 835 Circle 329

Semi-rigid Cable

This SM series cable is a highly flexible product for use in applications from DC to 18 GHz. The flexibility of the SM series cable allows designers to bypass the fabrication of 3-dimensional semi-rigid drawings, resulting in significant cost savings and faster time to market. This solution is ideal for applications such as military ECM and guidance systems, commercial antennas, commercial communications applications, and virtually anywhere compact or densely spaced RF interconnections are needed. Size: SM402 (0.141 semi-rigid connectors); SM405 (0.86 semi-rigid connectors).

Semflex Inc.,

Mesa, AZ (480) 985-9000,

Booth 1541 Circle 330

Active Bias SiGe Gain Blocks

This SGB product family includes six SiGe HBT Darlington amplifiers, each of which in corporates an internally regulated bias circuit, thus eliminating the need for a bias-dropping resistor. The products are designed for low power consumption applications that operate from supply voltages of 3 to 5 V. One model is the SGB-6533, which provides 18.3 dB of gain, +32 dBm of OIP3 and +18.4 dBm of P1dB at 2 GHz with a bias level of 88 mA at 5 V.

Sirenza Microdevices Inc.,

Broomfield, CO (303) 327-3030,

Booth 1929 Circle 331

Direct Conversion Transceiver

The model SKY74117 DCR is a GSM/GPRS quad-band direct conversion transceiver (DCR™). This model incorporates all the required functionality in a single chip that is roughly one-fourth the size of a postage stamp. Based on technology that the company pioneered in 2002 and has since refined through two product generations, this compact DCR reduces external component requirements from approximately 50 to less than 25. Size: 6 ¥ 6 mm.

Skyworks Solutions Inc.,

Woburn, MA (781) 376-3000,

Booth 1037 Circle 332

Solid-state Power Amplifiers

These solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) provide RF power up to 200 W in a range of frequencies from 6 to 46 GHz. The SSPA product line utilizes miniaturization techniques to produce high output power in a small, lightweight configuration. Specific market focus has been given to satellite communications, military radar/EW and digital video broadcasting.

Sophia Wireless Inc.,

Chantilly, VA (703) 961-9573,

Booth 2043 Circle 333

Tower Mounted Amplifier

This tower mounted amplifier (TMA) assembly integrates its filter-based products with a low noise amplifier. The TMA is an alternative to using several individual components, which would be larger, more costly, and may exhibit poorer performance than a multifunction assembly. This TMA has been qualified to the European CE standard and features lightning protection, as well as a weather tight seal that makes it ideal for severe operating environments. The TMA provides 12 dB of RF gain with a noise figure of 2.8 dB maximum.

Spectrum FSY Microwave,

Columbia, MD (410) 381-5700,

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Chip Resistor

The model RM0302 (/13) is a MIL-PRF-55342 reliability chip resistor with a power rating of 40 mW and a voltage rating of 15 V. These resistors are available in tolerances as tight as 0.1 percent and temperature coefficients as low as 25 ppm. A variety of terminations are available, including solderable, epoxy bondable and wire bondable styles. These resistors are ideal for mission critical aerospace, biomedical, communications and defense applications. Size: 0.030" ¥ 0.020" ¥ 0.012". Price: < $1.00.

State of the Art Inc.,

State College, PA (800) 458-3401,

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Flexible Cables

The Storm Flex™ 047 miniature flexible cable series is designed to offer good electrical performance for microwave interconnections where space is at a premium. With its 0.055" diameter and durable construction that includes an ultra-high strength multi-layer outer braid, Storm Flex 047 cable readily accommodates tight bends near the connector and demonstrates good connector retention. The Storm Flex 047 Express line offers quick delivery of cost-effective standard configurations; the original Storm Flex 047 line can be configured to custom length and connector requirements.

Storm Products-Microwave,

Woodridge, IL

(630) 754-3300,

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Cluster Probe System

This automated cluster probing system utilizes the technology behind the company’s lithography cluster tools, which creates a back-end test system with the production efficiency found in front-end fab tools. This system consists of a family of high throughput probe systems configured around a high speed robotic material handling unit capable of feeding up to six probing units. The system is flexible due to its modular hardware/software and can be upgraded and reconfigured in the field as test needs change.

SUSS MicroTec Inc.,

Waterbury Center, VT (800) 685-7877,

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RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

These RF coaxial cable assemblies cover all frequencies from DC to 50 GHz. Phase matching, low VSWR and space qualified assemblies are available. Typical cable types range from RG-179 to RG-8 flexible coaxial cable; semi-rigid coaxial cable from 0.47 to RG-405 (0.085") and 402 (0.141"). Available connectors include nearly every RF coaxial interface available.

SV Microwave Inc.,

West Palm Beach, FL

(561) 840-1800,

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L-band Frequency Synthesizer

The model MTS2000-DS is an L-band frequency synthesizer that combines the latest in DDS and multi-loop synthesizer technologies with a high performance VCO. This allows the model to provide ultra-low phase noise performance and spurs, thus permitting increased loop bandwidth, faster settling time and higher stability under vibration. The operating frequency ranges from 1000 to 2000 MHz, with small step resolution as low as 1 Hz and settling time less than 3 ms. Power consumption is less than 2 W. Delivery: available from stock to five weeks ARO.

Synergy Microwave Corp.,

Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800,

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Camera Inspection System

The QC Trace Cam™ is an integrated inspection system designed specifically for applications requiring a magnified inspection area. With QC Trace Cam the operator has a clear, magnified view of the milling, drilling or routing process while a board is being fabricated. Any desired change is quick and easy to identify saving valuable engineering inspection and processing time.

T-Tech Inc.,

Norcross, GA (770) 455-0670,

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Up and Down Converter

This VME X-band block up and down converter is a streamlined, modular product. This converter provides a compact and lightweight solution where frequency translation is needed between L-band frequencies of 1100 to 1600 MHz and X-band frequencies of 7.25 to 7.75 GHz. This product offers system operators and designers a cost-efficient solution with good low noise characteristics and high performance reliability. Phase noise characteristics are 1 kHz at –80 dBc, 10 kHz at –95 dBc and 100 kHz at –115 dBc.

Tampa Microwave,

Tampa, FL

(813) 855-2251,

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Real-time Spectrum Analyzers

This RSA series of real-time spectrum analyzers addresses time varying and transient RF signals by triggering on events that swept spectrum and vector analyzers fail to see, seamlessly capturing and storing a record of signal activity and enabling in-depth analysis and troubleshooting with time correlated multi-domain visual displays. The analyzers provide a complete measurement package for engineers developing RF technologies, such as RFID and radar. Real-time spectrum analysis is the ability to trigger, capture and analyze time-varying RF signals.

Tektronix Inc.,

Beaverton, OR (800) 835-9433,

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RF Connectors

The SimFix“ Pro RF connectors are for terminating 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4" and 1-5/8" corrugated cables. The connectors are available in both the 7/16 DIN and N series and contain threaded couplings that make them ideal for high performance transmitter applications. These connectors are suitable for outdoor use, watertight to IP 68. The simple two-piece construction allows for easy installation in the field. The connectors provide good technical performance, especially in regards to return loss and passive intermodulation.

Telegartner Inc.,

Franklin Park, IL

(630) 616-7600,

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Blind-mate Connectors

These blind-mate connectors range from BMA to SSMP and provide a good choice for design engineers in selecting the right size connector for a system. The solutions provided by the company’s family of blind-mate connectors offer performance to 65 GHz and a range of sizes that make them a good choice for systems requiring dense packaging.


St. Augustine, FL (904) 829-5600,

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RF/Fiber Optic Packages

These unibody RF/fiber optic packages feature robust connections for harsh environments. The unibody packages are manufactured with a choice of either fully machined tubes and packages or packages with brazed tubes utilizing the company’s Z-Bond process. For varying cost and application issues, the company has developed the technology to offer the connecting tubes in a choice of copper, stainless steel or Kovar. Package material can be either stainless or Kovar. RF performance for the packages is guaranteed up to 42 GHz.


Hampstead, NH (603) 329-4050,

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Microwave Altimeter Assembly

The model MFX128 is a microwave altimeter assembly that operates in C-band. This model is designed for military environments such as aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle and other flight applications. Special features of this multi-function assembly include low noise figure, wide dynamic range, RF and video AGC and selectable video bandwidths for signal to noise optimization, all in a compact design. The model MFX128 offers a typical output power of +30 dBm with a power control range of 60 dB minimum.

TRAK Microwave,

Tampa, FL (813) 901-7200,

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Power Amplifier

The model TGA2509 is an ultra wideband power amplifier with adjustable gain control (AGC). The TGA2509 offers good electrical performance and increased environmental robustness, making it ideal for defense and commercial amplifier applications including electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, radar and digital radio. The TGA2509 delivers 17 dB of small signal gain, a P1dB of 28 dBm and 25 dB of AGC across 2 to 20 GHz. Saturated output power across 2 to 16 GHz is greater than 1 W.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,

Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000,

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Frequency Control Products

These high performance crystal oscillators, VCXOs and OCXOs are high reliability/COTS products. The products operate in temperature ranges from –55° to +200°C with stability ranges down to ±25 ppm and frequency ranges from 1 kHz to 250 MHz. The products are all processed and screened to meet military requirements and offer a wide range of custom options. Outputs are available in HCMOS/TTL and ECL/PECL and package sizes include through hole, 5 ¥ 7 and 9 ¥ 14.

Valpey Fisher Corp.,

Hopkinton, MA (508) 435-6831,

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Integrated Software

This CONCERTO v4 is the recent version of its integrated software for RF and microwave design. Designs are constructed with the powerful, easy to use 3D geometric modeler and are directly analyzed through the advanced QUICKWAVE Simulator, which uses the conforming FDTD technique. CONCERTO models may include temperature rise due to electromagnetic heating, and the 2D module solves 3D fields for axi-symmetric geometries.

Vector Fields Inc.,

Aurora, IL (630) 851-1734,

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Interconnect Products

These thin-film, single- and multi-layer high density interconnects are low noise products with enhanced signal routing and response conditioning that integrate conductor patterns and other passive components in custom resistor solutions. Each of these patterned, thin-film substrates is designed by Vishay Electro-Films (EFI) with the customer, the two working as a team to develop application-specific solutions for use in microwave circuitry and hybrid circuitry in high performance, low noise power amplifiers; avionics; satellites; and medical instrumentation.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,

Malvern, PA (401) 738-9150,

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Microwave Configurator

This on-line custom microwave configurator is developed specifically to aid in the design of custom microwave switch systems. The configurator provides access to data sheets and prices for hundreds of standard microwave components from multiple vendors, all on a single site. The microwave configurator has been designed to aid engineers with the evaluation and selection of standard off-the-shelf microwave components with a tool that greatly reduces the evaluation time and expense during the definition of custom microwave assemblies.

VXI Technology Inc.,

Irvine, CA (949) 955-1894,

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Metamorphic HEMT Process

This advanced 0.15 mm power metamorphic HEMT (mHEMT) process features a 10 V breakdown voltage and a ft of 120 GHz. This process is ideal for achieving power and low noise requirements in applications such as 77 GHz auto radar MMICs, 60 GHz WLAN and microwave camera MMICs.

WIN Semiconductors Corp.,

Torrance, CA

(310) 530-8485,

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Time and Frequency Counters

This CNT-80-family of general purpose time and frequency counters offers 1 ps resolution, a speed of 8k high-resolution measurements and modulation domain analysis. These counters can be equipped with built-in Rubidium atomic clocks for ultimate accuracy in lab as well as field applications. The 8 GHz prescaler input is a new option that extends the frequency measuring range of the CNT-85/85R frequency counters and the CNT-81/81R timer/counters to 8 GHz.

XL Microwave,

Oakland, CA

(510) 428-9488,

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Simulation and Optimization Package

The IE3D EM simulation and optimization package 10.2 allows modeling of 3D dielectrics in free space as well as 3D metallic structures in layered dielectrics. As a planar EM simulator, the IE3D offers good accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. As a full 3D simulator, the IE3D can also model a wide range of 3D electromagnetic problems with easy geometry editing and fast speed.

Zeland Software Inc.,

Fremont, CA

(510) 623-7162,

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