What:    Agilent’s value-added promotion on popular accessories available with the ENA Series of network analyzers.  When customers purchase a E5072A or E5071C ENA Series network analyzer, they can add the following accessories at half price:

  •  A USB power sensor, which helps increase output source power accuracy and measures active devices accurately with the ENA Series. (Available with the E5072A.)
  • Enhanced time-domain analysis options, which cover all standard time-domain analyses for accurate S-parameter or Z measurements. (Available with the E5071C.)
  • ECal, the electronic calibration module that makes calibrating vector network analyzers fast, easy and accurate. (Available with the E5072A and E5071C.)

When:   Begins January 13,  2012 ,  ends June 30, 2012


 Additional Information:        www.agilent.com/find/ena