United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) has announced that the PPH15X-10 MMIC GaAs power PHEMT process has been successfully space evaluated and is now part of the European Preferred Part List established by the European Space Agency/European Space Components Information Exchange System (ESA/ESCIES).


Reliability studies and ESCC evaluation of the PPH15X-10 technology has been supported by DLR and the process is optimized for wideband high power amplification up to 45 GHz with a typical Ft of 65 GHz and a power density >750 mW/mm at 6 V.


It includes two metal interconnect layers, precision TaN resistors, high value TiWiSi resistors, two MIM capacitor densities (250 and 625 pF/mm2), air-bridges and back-end via-holes. A BCB protection option is also available on PPH15X-10 for repeatable package performance. Applications include medium power amplifiers, K-Band and Ka-Band power amplifiers, VSAT and point to point radio