Molex Inc. introduces the Mini-Fit® Plus HMC ( High Mating Cycle) crimp terminals, ideal for medical equipment manufacturers developing commercially available products such as patient monitors, diagnostic imaging devices, therapeutic machines and patient handling equipment. The Mini-Fit Plus HMC female crimp terminals are rated up to 1,500 mating cycles and capable of up to 13.0A per circuit, meeting the high-performance needs and reliability requirements found in the medical industry. Additionally, the patented, elongated dimple design provides longer length and greater contact area when compared to the standard Mini-Fit terminals, yet does not increase the design dimensions of the product.

“The unique features of the Mini-Fit Plus HMC provide medical equipment manufacturers with the ability to increase mating cycles and enhance their current carrying capabilities without increasing the connector footprint,” said Chris Slinkman, Global Product Manager, Molex. “Additionally, the Mini-Fit Plus HMC meets the reliability expectations of the medical industry and is consistent with the same high standards maintained by the MediSpec™ line of products from Molex.”

The Mini-Fit HMC is available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations and offered in three wire gauge sizes, 16 AWG, 18 to 20 AWG and 22 to 24 AWG. The terminals can be used with existing Mini-Fit receptacle and plug housings and with existing Mini-Fit and Mini-Fit Plus HCS headers. Existing Mini-Fit receptacles, plugs and Mini-Fit Plus HCS headers can be used when utilizing the Mini-Fit Plus HMC technology. Additionally, because the crimp terminals are compatible with existing Molex crimp tooling, new tooling is not required.