TriQuint products provide flexible, market-tested solutions that can reduce power consumption, lower overall costs & simplify RF connectivity

Cologne, Germany and Hillsboro, Oregon (USA) - May 0, 2011 - TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TQNT), a leading RF products manufacturer and foundry services provider, has announced the availability of three new innovative, efficient TriAccess™ line amplifiers that can replace multiple devices in CATV/FTTH systems. All products are being announced in conjunction with theANGA Cable Showfor broadband and satellite manufacturers and system operators (Cologne, Germany, 3-5 May 2011).

TriQuint Product Manager Brian Bauer stated that all three devices offer CATV & FTTH manufacturers a choice of cost-effective RFICs built with market-proven gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology combined with advanced design techniques. TriQuint devices operate on low supply current; they reduce power consumption compared to other solutions, making them a 'green' choice that can also help RF CATV designers by providing a single product solution for multiple applications. In Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems, TriQuint products can expand served subscribers by using installed networks to extend broadband coverage. All devices have been utilized successfully in numerous system deployments worldwide, Mr. Bauer added.

Best EIN Performance Available for FTTH/RFoG Applications:
TriQuint's new TAT6254B is an ultra low noise, high gain TriAccess™ amplifier that is ideal for networks requiring highly-sensitive optical input levels. The new TAT6254B, with only 100-120 mA current consumption, has been demonstrated to offer sensitivity levels superior to existing market solutions that in many cases are well below its specified -12 dBm optical input rating. The device will benefit multiple forms of deployment including QAM-dominated networks and high optical system link budgets.

The TAT6254B integrates two low noise / high gain trans-impedance amplifiers in a differential configuration followed by an output amplifier. It provides 3 pA/rtHz equivalent input noise (EIN) while offering up to 38 dB gain. It is ideal for single system amplifier/receiver applications where noise optimization is critical: all-QAM / all-digital FTTH / RF over Glass (RFoG) systems.

New Highly Flexible Amplifier for All-QAM Content & Digital CATV:
TriQuint's new TAT7457 is a low supply current / highly-flexible, single-ended amplifier that satisfies a wider range of system requirements compared to competing solutions. These factors allow designers to utilize one device in many applications. The TAT7457 is ideal for subscriber premises applications including Ethernet over Coax (EoC) and optical network unit (ONU) systems, in addition to a variety of existing and emerging premises (home) amplifier designs. The TAT7457 nominally provides 19 dB gain, yet through an off-chip feedback resistor it can also deliver variable gain adjustment, trading off the 120 mA (at 5 V) typical current, making it ideal for home network amplification requirements. The new product offers higher gain, lower noise and better return loss compared to 16 dB amplifiers traditionally used in home network applications. The TAT7457 is designed to be highly economical and has already successfully launched in many global broadband CATV networks.

Integrated Solution for 'Greener' CATV Infrastructure Operations:
The TAT8857 is ideal for use as a 'doubler' in typical 75 Ohm line amplifier systems where it reduces power consumption 20% compared to existing MMIC solutions in standard 24 volt operation. The TAT8857 is also versatile, designed for distribution node applications from 40-1002 MHz; it can also be operated on 12 volts for optimal efficiency. The TAT8857 utilizes on-chip linearized, integrated pHEMT and MESFET technology to provide low distortion and configurable gain from 21-27 dB. The TAT8857 is ideally suited for manufacturers building CATV infrastructure solutions including line amplifiers and in distribution nodes where low current consumption and high performance is especially desirable. The device offers better optimized Third Order Distortion performance compared to legacy solutions and comes in a standard SOIC-16 package. TAT8857 samples and evaluation boards are now available.

"TriQuint's TriAccess™ CATV / FTTH products satisfy and simplify RF needs in high-speed broadband systems especially, where low power consumption and performance are critical," said Mr. Bauer. "Our newest devices offer a unique combination of efficiency, performance and economy including the lowest equivalent input noise (EIN) available for FTTH and RFoG applications, tremendous flexibility, and the convenience of using one RFIC for many different designs. These advantages can save manufacturers time and lower their overall costs including substantial impact on electricity expenses."

Samples and evaluation boards are available for TAT6254B & TAT7457, which are in full production, and the TAT8857, which will enter production in mid-2011. Contact product marketing for samples, information, or to arrange a meeting at theANGA Cable Showin Cologne, Germany.