HILLSBORO, OREGON (USA) & PARIS, FRANCE – September 20, 2010 – TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ: TQNT), a leading RF products manufacturer and foundry services provider, will showcase an extensive portfolio of integrated RF products for base transceiver station (BTS) radios at the European Microwave Conference.

TriQuint products reduce the size and complexity of RF circuitry by integrating multiple functions into modules. This enables migration to smaller, more ‘green’ remote radio head (RRH) base stations, a plan system operators are deploying to expand networks for 3G / 4G smartphones and other mobile devices.

TQM879006 – New Integrated DVGA Module is Ideal for 3G/4G BTS Apps

The TQM879006 is a digital variable gain amplifier (DVGA) module that fully integrates a low noise amplifier gain block, a digital-step attenuator (DSA) and a high linearity, 0.25 W amplifier along with all matching components, bias chokes and blocking capacitors inside a compact 6x6mm leadless SMT package. The internal DSA offers 0.5 dB step, 6-bit and 31.5 dB range with serial control. This DVGA operates over the 1.8-2.7 GHz range with 31 dB gain, +41 dBm OIP3 and +25.4 dBm P1dB using a single +5V supply. The module offers an ideal compact solution for: 3G/4G base station transceivers / repeaters / remote radio heads.

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