ZHL-30W-262AmpHigh Power Amplifier 50Ω 30W 2300 to 2550 MHz

The Big Deal
• High Power Output: 30W
• Capable of operating at rated power into an open or short
• Integrated protection and alarm functions

Product Overview
ZHL-30W-262+ is a ruggedized High Power Amplifier delivering 30W signals covering the 2400 MHz ISM, WLAN and S-Band radar bands. This amplifier supports a variety of applications from communication, radar to critical test and measurement systems and includes over-temperature self-protect and alarming circuits as well as internal protection circuits to prevent damage due to operation into an open or short under full RF power.

Feature 1: Good gain flatness, ±1.5 dB
Advantage: Predictable performance and signal level strength

Feature 2: Excellent Input and Output VSWR, 1.25:1
Advantage: Well-matched for full power transmission

Feature 3: Over temperature shut down
Advantage: The ZHL-30W-262+ includes internal temperature monitoring circuits to automatically shut down the amplifier in the event of over temperature operation. Set for approximately +85°C shutdown (with auto recovery at 70°C), this feature ensures that users whom have difficulty in controlling their thermal environment or need to operate in a remote mode and cannot monitor the amplifier real time, can function with the security that a thermal run-away condition will be avoided through this self management feature. Furthermore, the ZHL-30W-262+ provides a TTL output to indicate thermal shutdown for remote automated systems.

Feature 4: Output load protection
Advantage: A high root cause for damage to power amplifiers is the operation into highly reflective loads. The ZHL-30W-262+ power amplifier includes circuits to enable the amplifier to operate without damage in the presence of an open or short over all phases.

Feature 5: Excellent Output Power: 30W
Advantage: Providing 30W of output power at the WiFi bands, this amplifier is an ideal lab test amplifier operating over the entire 2.3 to 2.5 GHz band.

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