Ideal for Serial Data Transmission up to 32 Gbps

Chelmsford, MA, 06/21/2010 – Hittite Microwave Corporation, the world class supplier of complete MMIC based solutions for communication & military markets has launched the HMC910LC4B - the first product in the new Broadband Time Delay product line. The HMC910LC4B is a DC to 24 GHz time delay product which is ideal for timing adjustment in complex digital applications including clock and data recovery, edge detection, NRZ-to-RZ conversion, data restoration and Mux/Demux applications.

The HMC910LC4B provides a continuously variable time delay from 0 ps to 70 ps while maintaining a constant differential output voltage swing. The device accepts either single-ended or differential input data, while the differential output swing is easily programmed with a DC voltage. The HMC910LC4B provides a time delay which is linearly monotonic with respect to the delay control voltage, VDC, which may be varied from 1.1 V to 2.3 V. An integrated temperature compensation feature minimizes the delay variations over temperature. The delay control port provides a modulation bandwidth of 600 MHz.

The HMC910LC4B is optimized for high speed operation and provides rise and fall times of 14 ps, and less than 300 fs rms random jitter, which can support serial data transmission up to 32 Gbps, or clock signal delay up to 24 GHz. The HMC910LC4B also exhibits a very high quality eye diagram at high data rates, provides excellent stability over temperature, and operates from a single +3.3 V DC supply.

All RF input and output signals of the HMC910LC4B are terminated with 50 Ohms to Vcc, and may be either AC or DC coupled. Outputs should be connected directly to a 50 Ohm to +3.3 V terminated system, while DC blocking capacitors should be used if the terminating system is 50 Ohms to an alternate DC voltage.

The HMC910LC4B complements many of Hittite’s previously released Fiber Optic and High Speed Logic products, and is housed in a ceramic 4 x 4 mm SMT package (RoHS compliant) and specified for operation from -40 °C to +85 °C. A released datasheet may be found at Samples and evaluation PC boards are available from stock and can be ordered via the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page or via direct purchase order.