picoChip announced that it has signed a development partnership agreement with China GrenTech. Based on picoChip WiMAX software-upgradeable technology, China GrenTech will develop radio frequency solutions. The two companies will work together in the joint development of complete WiMAX solutions targeted at the wideband wireless access market.

China GrenTech is a leading Chinese telecom OEM company that recently listed on NASDAQ. The partnership will enable China GrenTech to expand its RF product lines to WiMAX base-station RF subsystems. picoChip will benefit from GrenTech’s expertise in RF and power amplifier technologies.

Xuewei Wu, vice president of China GrenTech, said: "We are very delighted that Grentech will now offer RF solutions for WiMAX systems in cooperation with picoChip. This partnership will make full use of Grentech's RF expertise and broaden the company’s RF product chain beyond the 3G/4G application domain. We highly appreciate picoChip’s world-class cooperation and support for which this mutual partnership can only be a win-win scenario for both parties."

Guillaume d’Eyssautier, president and CEO of picoChip, added, "China is one of the world’s most important wireless markets and picoChip continues to increase its commitment and focus in the region by working closely with strong local partners and government entities. We are committed to the Chinese market, and are pleased to be working with a world-renowned company such as China GrenTech. With this relationship, and our other partners in China, we feel that picoChip's WiMAX technology and experience will give them a platform to further drive innovation."