All the new features are aimed at delivering maximum flexibility for the mobile radio industry.

CTIA Wireless 2010, Las Vegas - Rohde & Schwarz will unveil an extensive package of new features for the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester launched in 2009. All the new features are aimed at delivering maximum flexibility for the mobile radio industry. The R&S CMW500 provides precisely what the customer needs, whether it is RF tests in signaling mode for CDMA2000® (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO), WiMAXTM and GSM, or measurements for implementing a smooth handover between LTE and WCDMA or LTE and CDMA2000®. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz has already successfully carried out initial RF and protocol tests for LTE TDD. Featuring a wide frequency range of up to 6 GHz, the R&S CMW500 offers maximum safety of investment.

RF measurements in the signaling mode are essential when performing classic functional tests because they allow the user to check the RF parameters of wireless devices without special control software and then analyze the effects at the physical interface. At the productronica trade fair in November 2009 in Munich, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated the signaling mode for LTE, GSM and WCDMA on the R&S CMW500. The range of standards has now been expanded to include CDMA2000® (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO) and WiMAXTM.

Rohde & Schwarz has added more functionality to the R&S CMW500. At the protocol layer, the R&S CMW500 can now perform 2x2 MIMO tests for HSPA+. In addition, the R&S CMW500 is capable of testing various procedures defined for EDGE Evolution, specifically those involving latency reduction and analysis of the downlink dual carrier (DLDC). In this case, two carriers are employed to boost transmission capacity.

The R&S CMW500 is also a powerful multitechnology platform for initial measurements analyzing the handover of data links between LTE FDD and WCDMA or LTE FDD and CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO. Rohde & Schwarz is already working successfully on that aspect with leading manufacturers of mobile devices. Furthermore, in the area of conformance tests, the company has successfully validated the first GCF-relevant LTE test cases using a new development environment employing TTCN3. These standardized test cases have given the go-ahead for certifying LTE devices, making the R&S CMW500 the first and only platform for this application.

"Cellular mobile radio, non-cellular technologies and now even broadcasting standards such as T DMB, MediaFLOTM, CMMB and FM stereo: Our multitechnology platform is the only instrument on the market to provide such extensive support for all technologies," says Anton Meßmer, Director of the Mobile Radio Testers Subdivision. "Especially in our fast-moving business, we are extremely proud that we can offer our customers a highly flexible solution with maximum safety of investment." The R&S CMW500 is suitable for LTE FDD/TDD, Mobile WiMAXTM, TD SCDMA, CDMA2000® (1xRTT and 1xEV-DO), WCDMA/HSPA, HSPA+, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, EDGE Evolution, GPS, Bluetooth®, WLAN (a/b/g/n), DVB-T, T-DMB, MediaFLOTM, CMMB and FM stereo.

The current features for the R&S CMW500 multitechnology platform are now available from Rohde & Schwarz via software update.