comsollogo_smGetting your CAD geometries ready for FEA modeling is easier than ever with the CAD Import Module. It facilitates the reading of industry-standard formats such as STEP, IGES, ACIS® (SAT®) or Parasolid®. Extra add-ons support file formats for packages that have their own geometry kernel.

The CAD Import Module goes beyond just the reading of file formats. The interactive repair feature assures that imported geometries are mathematically correct for FEA modeling. And, in order to cut down on unnecessary details in your CAD geometries, defeaturing tools that remove fillets, small faces, sliver faces, as well as spikes or short edges are included.

The CAD Import Module also provides bidirectional interfaces to SolidWorks® and Autodesk® Inventor® that maintain associativity with these CAD systems. This means that geometric parameteric sweeps can be run using the COMSOL models, which result in automatically updating of the CAD geometry in the corresponding CAD system. Such parametric studies can also be run using clusters and can be set up directly from the user interface.

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