ReactionEngineeringModuleThe COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab uses reaction formulas to create models of reacting systems. It solves the material and energy balances for such systems, including reaction kinetics, where the composition and temperature vary only with time.

For space-dependent models, the Reaction Engineering Lab offers direct export to the Chemical Engineering Module, where you can create 2D and 3D models. Included in these models are kinetic expressions for the reacting system, which are automatically or manually defined in the Reaction Engineering Lab.

You also have access to a variety of ready-made expressions in order to calculate a system’s thermodynamic and transport properties.

Regardless of the system—whether drug-delivery to a nerve or a CVD reactor in the semi-conductor industry—this suite of products gives you unparalleled power in formulating and solving kinetic reaction models.

Application Examples
• Analytical chemistry and forensic science
• Biochemistry and food science
• Bioengineering and drug-release applications
• Catalytic combustion and reforming
• Chemical reactor sizing and optimization
• Combustion chemistry
• Environmental and atmospheric chemistry
• Exhaust after-treatment and emission control
• Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
• Industrial chemistry and technology
• Kinetics modeling in chemical reactors
• Materials and solid-state chemistry
• Petrochemistry and catalytic cracking
• Pharmaceutical synthesis
• Polymerization kinetics and manufacture
• Semiconductor manufacture and CVD
• Surface chemistry kinetics and adsorption

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