PXA provides frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz, excellent RF and IF performances, and ensures present and future flexibility through optional measurement capabilities and hardware expandability.

Maximize signal insight:
- See more in less time with up to 75 dB spurious-free dynamic range at 140 MHz bandwidth
- Reduce measurement uncertainty with ±0.19 dB amplitude accuracy and excellent sensitivity (DANL = –172 dBm (at 2 GHz, with preamp))
- Reveal previously hidden signals with Noise Floor Extension capability
- Understand your unique signals with advanced measurement applications including noise figure, phase noise and pulse measurement software
- Run Agilent 89600 VSA software inside, providing advanced analysis of more than 70 signal standards and modulation types formats

The PXA supports future flexibility with seven expansion slots, upgradeable CPU, and removable disk drive and includes extensive code-compatibility to make upgrading easier.

The analyzer also includes extensive code-compatibility features that make existing Agilent or HP high-performance signal/spectrum analyzers easier to replace.

For more information:www.agilent.com/find/PXA


The new Agilent N9000A signal analyzer is the lowest cost X-Series signal analyzer that can meet your demands in electronics manufacturing, R&D and education test and measurement tasks. It offers superior RF performance, fastest measurement speed in its price class. With the rich suite of general-purpose measurement applications, it can be easily configured and reconfigured to meet present and future needs.

CXA features and specifications:
- -161 dBm DANL for fast spur search
- More than 50 standard-specific formats with 89600 VSA software
- Simultaneous detectors, trace math and up to 12 markers
- EMC, analog demod, phase noise, noise figure applications
- Unlock additional capabilities with an easy license key upgrade