Raytheon Co., with its principal teammate Northrop Grumman, successfully completed a Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) Mission Equipment (ME) Program Hardware Design Review (CDR). The intensive CDR event took place during five days, concluding with the S-band radar design presentation to the US Navy, with a close out review. Successful completion of the CJR ME program CDR demonstrated to the Navy that the X- and S-band hardware design are complete and ready for construction. The successful CDR sets the stage for the next major program milestone: the post-CDR in-process review this spring. “The CJR Program will provide customers with next-generation integrated solutions for critical data collection challenges,” said Pete Franklin, vice president, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) Missile Defense. “It will save the government money by leveraging Raytheon’s knowledge across programs and our 30-plus years of experience in radar technology.” The CJR ME program is an integrated, surveillance and ballistic missile data collection radar system to support US treaty monitoring activities. Its dual-band radar suite consists of X- and S-band phased array sensors and other mission equipment.