They are priced for commercial applications but built to withstand military environments. These 50 and 75 ohm RG cable assemblies can be supplied in a variety of constructions using a wide range of dielectric materials, jacket materials, and shield materials depending on performance requirements. EAM's RG cable assemblies are available in a variety of cable sizes, including assemblies with outside diameters of 0.098, 0.195, and 0.390 in. Assemblies are available for operating temperatures from -55 to +200°C.

RG cable assemblies provide between 40 and 60 dB shielding effectiveness, with low attenuation through 10 GHz for most cable assemblies. These rugged RG cable assemblies can be manufactured to meet a host of mechanical and electrical requirements.

EAM's reliable RG cable assemblies can be terminated with a wide range of coaxial connector types, including 7/16, BNC, Type N, MCX, MHV, SHV, TNC, UHF, MMCX, and MIL-qualified connectors for harsh environments.