950-2150 MHz only 44.95 ea. (Qty. 10).

Mini-Circuits has developed a new Bias Tee/Diplexer (ZABT-2R15G +) that is well suited for Satellite/VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal), LNB (Low Noise Block Converter), and BUC (Block Up Converters) and modems.

The ZABT-2R15G+ can be used as a Bias Tee or Diplexer that can inject 10 MHz and DC on a L Band signal. It can also be used in the reverse direction which can strip off the DC and/or 10 MHz signal.

A prime application for this model is in a satellite system where the basic architecture consists of a modem usually in the base or hub. This modem will convert IF signals to L band (950-2150 MHz). The L band will then be moved over a cable to the BUC (Block Up Converter) located usually at the antenna. To minimize the length of cables and the number of cables a bias tee diplexer is used to combine the L band signal and a separate 10 MHz signal which synchronizes the synthesizer internal to the BUC and the DC to power the BUC.

The ZABT-2R15G+ is also used in the down conversion side in which the 10 MHz and DC needs to be separated from the L band signal.