Time Warner Cable's Southwest Division has selected Alcatel to facilitate the deployment of premium triple play services in Southwest Texas. As a result of this contract, the company is using Alcatel's microwave radios to extend its service by providing an alternate transport route to complement existing fiber deployments. It is envisaged that Alcatel's microwave platform and turnkey deployment will enable the cable operator to cost-effectively turn up enhanced voice and data services, in addition to video, in markets that are currently underserved.

Alcatel’s robust portfolio of point-to-point wireless transmission solutions includes low, medium and high capacity microwave radios for voice, video and data (IP, ATM, Fast Ethernet) communications. Supporting a full range of frequency bands and network configurations, the company's wireless transmission systems are managed by a unified and fully integrated network management platform, as well as through the simplified network management protocol (SNMP). Illustrating its expertise in this field the company has installed more than 400,000 microwave radios in over 150 countries.

"The cable market has become increasingly competitive, driving cable operators to expand and enrich their service offerings," said Tom Eggemeier, senior vice president and general manager of Alcatel's wireless transmission activities in North America. "This contract with Time Warner Cable is an example of Alcatel's ability and commitment to leverage our technology and thought leadership to address the specific needs of Multiple System Operator customers."