Anritsu Product Photo_c 100ME7873F Now Offers Users Comprehensive and Simple Test Platform that Supports all UMTS Bands Used in North America, Japan, and Europe.

Anritsu Company introduces test functions for W-CDMA mobile terminal UMTS bands XI (1.5 GHz) and III (1.8 GHz) for its ME7873F Performance Test System. With the expanded test capability, the ME7873F now offers mobile terminal carriers and manufacturers a comprehensive and simple test platform that supports all UMTS bands for testing the RF performance of user equipment (UE) used in North America, as well as Japan and Europe.

Previously, the ME7873F supported conformance tests of 3G W-CDMA mobile terminals in seven UMTS bands. By adding two more bands, the ME7873F can be configured as a worldwide W-CDMA test solution. It measures Tx and Rx characteristics, and RRM performance based on the 3GPP TS34.121 standards. In addition to having the world’s largest number of GCF/PTCRB-approved test cases, the ME7873F has also received GCF approval for G3.5 HSDPA/HSUPA mobile terminals.

All measurements can be made with a single customized platform, eliminating the need to switch the connection setup in mid-test. Up to four mobile terminals can be tested continuously, and the power supply and serial control line can be switched automatically using a terminal switching unit. Test preparations for multiple units can be completed at one time, simplifying progress management after starting tests. Designed for simple operation, the ME7873F can be controlled via a built-in PC measurement controller. This feature allows measurement progress to be remotely monitored over a networked PC, and measurement sequences to be selected and set. System software with built-in functions allows a DC power supply and temperature chamber to be controlled via standard functions, making W-CDMA current consumption measurement and temperatures tests easy to perform.

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