The HMC612LP4(E) Logarithmic Detector/Controller converts RF signals at its differential input to a proportional output DC voltage. The HMC612LP4(E) delivers an extremely high ±1 dB dynamic range of greater than 60 dB up to 0.9 GHz, and 45 dB dynamic range at 3 GHz with outstanding temperature stability from -40°C to +85°C. In logarithmic detection mode the HMC612LP4(E) provides a nominal logarithmic slope of 19 mV/dB, and a nominal intercept of -99 dBm, consuming 29 mA at +3.3V. The HMC612LP4(E) also exhibits 19/100 ns rise/fall times, and video bandwidth similar to the previously released HMC601LP4(E).

Ideal for RF power monitoring and control, the HMC612LP4(E) may also be operated in controller mode, and is housed in a compact 4x4 mm plastic QFN package.

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