Aeroflex-MicroMetrics’ non-magnetic metal electrode leadless faced (MELF) packaged PIN Diodes feature high power handling and low distortion. These MELF PIN Diodes are designed for switching and attenuator applications from HF through UHF frequencies. They’re manufactured using MicroMetrics’ propriety glassing process which features full-face bonding on the anode and cathode of the device to ensure full surface contact of the square ceramic package. This creates lower electrical and thermal resistance and provides higher average performance at RF power levels up to 100 Watts CW. They also feature low series resistance which leads to low inductance characteristics, and low junction capacitance, which delivers high isolation. The product family has resistance specification at 100 MHz from 0.3 ohms to 1.0 ohms @ 100mA, capacitance specifications at 1 MHz of 0.5 pF to 2.0 pF @ 100 V, and lifetime specifications from 1.0 µsec to 8.00 µsec. As a result, this family of PIN devices has lifetime specifications that will allow for lower intermod distortion and have a higher average incident power handling capability.