CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. CST MWS' unparalleled performance makes it first choice in technology leading R&D departments.

Applications areas include mobile communication, wireless design, but also increasingly signal integrity, and EMC/EMI. Exceptionally user friendly, CST MWS quickly gives you an insight into the EM behaviour of your high frequency designs.

CST MWS offers considerable product to market advantages such as shorter development cycles, virtual prototyping before physical trials, and optimization instead of experimentation.

CST promotes Complete Technology for 3D EM. Users of our software are given unprecedented flexibility in tackling a wide application range through diverse solver technologies. Beside the flagship module, the broadly applicable Time Domain solver and the Frequency Domain solver which simulates on hexahedral as well as on tetrahedral grids, CST MWS offers further solver modules for specific applications.

Features include robust optimization, co-simulation with best-in-class tools and powerful scripting capabilities. Filters for the import of specific CAD files and the extraction of SPICE parameters enhance design possibilities and save time. In addition, CST MWS is embedded in various industry standard workflows through the CST DESIGN ENVIRONMENT™.

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® is seen by an increasing number of engineers as an industry standard development tool.

More information about CST’s simulation tools can be found at www.cst.com.