RFDE is embedded in Cadence Affirma Analog Design Environment, RFDE consists of five combined parts: ADSsim, which includes the following analysis and simulation tools from Agilent's ADS: DC, AC/S-parameter, harmonic balance, circuit envelope, transient / convolution, parameter sweep, parameter optimization, and Monte Carlo yield analysis. Data Display, which includes Measurements expressions, probe circuit, auto display, and snapshot mode. adsLib, which includes RF sources, Circuit components, System components, Microstrip and Multilayer components. Wireless Test Benches offering system-level wireless signal sources and standards measurements. Momentum, a fully integrated planar electromagnetic simulator for passive circuit analysis. RF Design Environment makes available important frequency-domain and mixed-domain simulation technologies; optimization and statistical design tools; additional device, system, and behavioral models; and powerful data display and post-processing. All of these features provide valuable benefits to the large-scale RF and mixed signal IC designers. These benefits are provided within the Cadence design flow and Cadence simulation user interface - and side by side with established Cadence tools such as Spectre and Spectre RF. RFDE is embedded in the Cadence Affirma Analog Design Environment and is accessible to designers the same way as Cadence Composer schematic editor, Assura/Diva layout verification, and Spectre/SpectreRF. Simulations are set up using Affirma, in the same way that simulations are set up for Spectre RF and other simulators. Simulation states can be saved and other features in the Cadence design environment are also available.