Building upon its portfolio of WLAN power amplifiers (PA), Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FMPA2151, a highly integrated dual-band WLAN power amplifier module optimized to increase performance and reduce PCB board footprint in the latest 802.11a/bg WLAN applications, including notebooks, digital cameras and portable handsets.

The high performance FMPA2151 offers leading-edge 3.5 percent error vector measurement (EVM) at 20 dBm output power, which helps to extend the wireless range in computing applications for worldwide Internet connectivity. The dual-band FMPA2151 saves designers up to 22 percent board space by combining 2.4 and 5 GHz power amplifiers into a single compact 4x4 mm package. For additional space savings, as well as enhanced reliability, the device provides built-in power detectors and digital PA on/off controls. These application and design benefits aid designers by easing design complexity and accelerating time to market.

"WLAN computing designs increasingly demand more compact form factors and fewer peripheral components. The FMPA2151 module answers these requirements by replacing two power amplifiers typically used in WLAN designs with one integrated dual-band device, therefore reducing component count and saving board space," said Russ Wagner, general manager of Fairchild's RF Power Products Group. "Our dual-band amplifier also facilitates easy WiFi® hookups over an extended range worldwide by allowing WLAN-enabled terminals to locate the best available frequency band. This is an important feature in the latest wireless notebooks offering worldwide Internet connectivity."

The FMPA2151 expands Fairchild's portfolio of linear PA modules offering more functionally integrated devices for computing applications, including the RMPA5255, another high performance device for 4.9 to 5.9 GHz WLAN applications, and the RMPA2458, a 2.4 to 2.5 GHz linear power amplifier.