Birmingham, UK-NEPCON 2007-May 15, 2007-Aeroflex will now offer its 5800 Series ATE system with digital functional testing capabilities. Ideal for engineers performing mixed-signal testing, device programming, functional test, in-system programming, or simple protocol communications, the 5800 Series was designed with an open architecture and highly configurable structure that allow it to easily adapt to evolving Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry standards, providing a versatile solution that can be easily upgraded to satisfy future requirements as they emerge. The 5800 Series is an easy-to-use digital system that integrates seamlessly with the analog suite to provide mixed-signal testing as well as pure digital functional test. The system is based on a digital test controller board and up to 18 digital testpoint boards, giving a maximum digital functional testpoint count of 1,152 un-multiplexed I/O channels. EE-Evaluation Engineering readers voted the Aeroflex 5800 Series as the best ATE system of 2006. Its flexible, scalable and modular test environment, featuring an open hardware and software architecture and reconfigurable pin-face styles, allow it to perform digital system testing, low-cost analog in-circuit testing with a maximum of 3,456 test points, high integrity functional testing and systems test-all within a single test environment. This saves floor space, reduces board-handling damage and lowers the cost of test. The system's digital test controller board features a 10 MHz test step rate, trigger generation and response, four pattern generators and 5nS edge placement. The digital testpoint card provides 64 channels, configurable drive and monitor levels and 1,152 digital test channels. Three different body styles make up the 5800 Series: floor standing (5850), benchtop (5820) and rack-mount (5830). Each body style has a common core of 21-slot rack, power and utility cards. Pricing and availability The digital function option is currently available for order on the 5800 Series. A starting configuration for the 5800 digital test controller is priced at approximately U.S. $4,800 and the digital testpoint card configured with 64 channels will start at approximate U.S. $6,600. For details on the 5800's price and availability, contact your Aeroflex sales representative at (800) 853-2352 or