EDA Software Release

This Advanced Design System (ADS) 2004A is a recent version of the high frequency electronic design automation (EDA) software that offers significant improved ease-of-use and productivity for common circuit-design tasks. ADS 2004A offers a complete, front-to-back high frequency design, simulation, layout and verification solution in a single, integrated design flow. ADS 2004A enables design engineers to easily access the functionality of ADS for common circuit-design tasks, including basic operations in schematic, simulation set-up, linear simulation, tuning and viewing results.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA (877) 424-4536,

24-hour Calibration Wizard

This Web site enables users to request any calibration, repair or both 24-hours a day and instantly receive a return material authorization (RMA) number on-line. The calibration wizard is easily accessed by clicking on the bottom right of the homepage or simply by going to www.boonton.com/2002/calibration1.asp. Users can choose from a list of different products and the service to be performed, such as calibration of a peak power meter. Users are then given an estimate for the work to be completed and once accepted an RMA number is generated. Standard or expedited turnaround time can then be chosen, as well as shipment options.

Boonton Electronics,
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 386-9696,

Antenna Pattern Recorder

Version 5.0 of this antenna program is a completely new package for performing antenna pattern measurements. This flexible program is user configurable and allows data to be analyzed as new measurements are performed. Measurements of azimuth and elevation can be made using two channels with phase while sweeping frequency; this allows for measurement of cross polarization, circular polarization and axial ratio. Standard rectangular and polar plots as well as a variety of digital listings are available. Data are stored in ASCII format so that they can easily be used with other programs.

Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200,

Cable Product Finder

The Cable Coach™ is designed to search the company’s database of coaxial cable products. A user can search by part number, Mil-Spec number or simply by specific electrical characteristics. The Cable Coach will guide a user through the process and show the available choices to ensure an application requirement is met.

Harbour Industries,
Shelbourne, VT
(802) 985-3311,

Product Search Tool

The parametric product search tool is specifically designed for the RF engineer. This web tool allows the design engineer to specify the important parameters of the required product and view the three company products that match a requirement in a specification-compliance format. The parametric search tool can show the products that narrowly fall outside of specification thereby allowing the engineer to make intelligent design trade-off decisions to “fine tune” the requirements to specific needs.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,

Cable Assembly Configuration Builder

This cable assembly configuration builder can generate a company assembly part number. Fill in all appropriate data fields and then click the “create the part number” button. Consult the CableSelector for information as to which IW cable to use in a specific assembly. The CableSelector is a general tool used to determine the cable that best fits a specific application. It will select the most economical cable based on general configuration and insertion loss requirements.

IW Microwave Product Division,
Danbury, CT
(203) 791-1999,

Filter Synthesis and Selection Tool

The Filter Wizard™ is a Web-based filter synthesis and selection tool that provides accurate performance data, graphs and downloadable

S-parameters for microwave engineers. This Wizard was developed to employ a user-friendly format for entering desired filter specifications. The program then calculates both conventional Chebychev (All-Pole) as well as advanced Pseudo-Elliptical (Pole-Placed) solutions. Typically, users are given a number of solutions to their specifications and may then pick the choices that best meet their needs based on overall performance, size and relative cost. Easy downloading of S-parameters and mechanical package dimensions on any design provide further aid to the designer.

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424,

Embedded Calibration Software

This embedded calibration software enables easy annual calibration. A technician simply follows the step-by-step menu driven procedure on the front panel display of the carrier to noise generators. Any certified calibration house can now perform this easy to follow procedure without any specialized training negating the need to send the unit back to the factory for the annual calibration.

Micronetics Inc.,
Hudson, NH
(603) 883-2900,

Passive Component Library

This recently released version 2.0 of the CLR Library™ offers a newly expanded library that contains unique Global Models.™ The models allow designers to conveniently adjust part value and substrate properties, while accounting for high frequency parasitics and complex interactions between the device, substrate and solder “pad stack” geometries. Version 2.0 adds many new models, including substrate-scalable Global Models for selected capacitor, inductor and resistor families from ATC, Presidio, Vishay, Panasonic, Taiyo Yuden and KOA Speer. The release also includes updates to some existing model families and enables more convenient referencing of substrate information.

Modelithics Inc.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 866-6335,

Filter Design Center

This Filter Design Center is an essential tool for the RF designer, providing precise bandpass filter performance. The resulting designs are based on the company’s standard lumped element bandpass filter technology, ideal for use in both military and space environments. This filter program synthesizes user specified inputs for passband frequencies, loss, rejection, ripple and temperature range, calculates the S-parameters, and displays them in swept or tabular form. The S-parameters are then available for export and analysis in system level simulations. This Filter Design Center calculates performance at all temperatures, including performance for all S-parameters, phase linearity, 3 dB bandwidth and center frequency.

REMEC Defense and Space Inc.,
San Diego, CA
(858) 505-3797,

Cable Assemblies Utility

The CableAdvisor™ is a utility for designing custom cable assemblies for a user’s specific application. The program requires the user to enter the cable length, and select cable connectors for both ends. No other information is required to match cables. Special electrical, environmental or mechanical options may be used to reduce the number of cables on the list. Cable options are presented after the required data is selected and the “Next” button is clicked. If no frequency or cable diameter is selected then the finder will use the maximum frequency of the cable or connectors, the given specifications and all cable diameters to find cables stocked in distribution.

Semflex Inc.,
Mesa, AZ
(800) 778-4401,

Installation Training CD-ROM

This installer training program is a professional instructional course that will help technicians improve the time and quality of coax terminations. The program is complimentary upon request and includes step-by-step instructions for consistent, high quality strip and crimp terminations. Packaged with this program is a compendium of the company’s product catalogs covering MilAero, HDTV product performance characteristics, schematics and photos.

Westlake Village, CA
(800) 982-2629,