Effective immediately, T&M products from HAMEG Instruments are available directly from the Rohde & Schwarz parent company almost everywhere in Europe. Rohde & Schwarz now offers customers T&M products in all price classes from a single source.

Munich, November 15, 2011 — Customers can now obtain the entire HAMEG Instruments T&M portfolio via the European Rohde & Schwarz sales network. Andre Vander Stichelen, Director of Sales and Business Development Test & Measurement at Rohde & Schwarz, elaborates: "We now offer what many of our European customers have requested, the ability to purchase HAMEG products directly from Rohde & Schwarz."

HAMEG Instruments was fully taken over by electronics specialist Rohde & Schwarz in 2005. The subsidiary's T&M instruments supplement the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio in the lower price segment. HAMEG Instruments is an established supplier of general purpose instruments, especially oscilloscopes. In 2010, Rohde & Schwarz itself successfully broke into the high end of this market with the launch of its own families of oscilloscopes. "By integrating the product portfolio of HAMEG Instruments into the sales structure of the parent company, Rohde & Schwarz has succeeded in providing its customers with T&M instruments in all price classes from a single source," emphasizes Vander Stichelen.

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