Chandler, Arizona – Rogers Corporation will be well represented at the upcomingPCIM Europe 2011by two of its divisions offering practical power solutions: Rogers BVBA Power Distribution Systems Division ( and Rogers Thermal Management Solutions Division ( Recently acquired Curamik Electronics GmbH ( will also be in attendance at PCIM.

Power Conversion Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe 2011 (May 17-19, 2011, held at the Nuremburg Exhibition Centre, is a leading event for power, energy, and thermal management products and technical presentations, growing in attendance over the past several years. It addresses power electronics and its application in intelligent motion and power management systems, and includes products devoted to energy generation, energy storage, and thermal management.

Rogers BVBA Power Distribution Systems (PDS) Division will be atBooth #12-439introducing the latest member of their reliable RO-LINX® line of laminated busbars, the RO-LINX PowerCircuit™ busbar is designed for a wide array of applications, including industrial voltage drives, solar inverters, and for motor drives in the growing hybrid-electric-vehicle (HEV) market.

The new RO-LINX PowerCircuit busbars combine the traits of traditional laminated busbars and the processing capabilities of printed-circuit-board (PCB) assemblies. The result is a high-performance busbar that supports three-dimensional (3D) design approaches, helps achieve optimum thermal management, and is well suited for medium-to-high-volume assembly processes. The busbars help attain higher power efficiencies by limiting switching losses. For more information on RO-LINX busbars, visit

Also at the Rogers booth, representatives from Rogers Thermal Management Solutions (TMS) Division will be on hand to show their expanding line of HEATWAVE® AlSiC Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) materials. HEATWAVE MMC materials feature an aluminum matrix with silicon-carbide or silicon-carbide-diamond reinforcement for high thermal conductivity and extremely stable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).

Available in a range of tailored CTE values, HEATWAVE MMC materials are ideal for thermal base plates and heat spreaders. They enable the design and manufacture of pin-fin heat sinks for direct liquid cooling of IGBT power modules in electric vehicles (EVs) and HEVs. In spite of their light weight, HEATWAVE materials feature high stiffness and high strength. Their aluminum skin supports multiple plating options. For more information on HEATWAVE MMC materials, visit

In addition to their presence on the exhibition floor, Rogers Corporation is also participating in the PCIM Europe 2011technical program, with a presentation on the technology behind the new RO-LINX PowerCircuit busbars. The talk, “New Power Electronics Applications Demand New Circuit Solutions,” authored by Koen Hollevoet and Jo Vercruysse, is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17, at 11:30 AM.