If AXIEM isn't faster than current in-house commercial, competitive 3D EM tools, AWR will buy lunch for the entire design team

TOKYO, JAPAN – April 15, 2010 – AWR KK, a division of AWR Corporation, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, announced today an invitation to designers in Japan to take the AXIEM challenge beginning today through July 15, 2010. AWR's AXIEM EM simulator is the most accurate solver in its class and can typically solve large problems ten times faster than competing 3D EM tools. Recent customer success stories using AXIEM can be viewed at http://web.awrcorp.com/Usa/Success-Stories/AXIEM/Mimix/.

AWR is so confident that AXIEM can solve complex problems faster than competing commercially-available 3D EM simulation tools that it will buy lunch for the entire design team if proven otherwise. AWR will either benchmark AXIEM for the team or the team can perform the benchmark itself. The challenge is open to qualified individuals working at a commercial company located in Japan, and runs through July 15, 2010. To qualify, entrants in the AXIEM Challenge must simply agree to the terms of the challenge as described on AWR's website at www.axiem3d.com/lunch.