April 9, 2010—SAN JOSE, CA—Endwave Corporation (NASDAQ: ENWV), a leading provider of high-frequency RF devices and integrated subsystems, has announced the hiring of a collection of new sales representatives as part of a global marketing effort to promote the MMIC product line introduced last September.

The product line consists of a wide variety of circuit types including amplifiers, voltage controlled oscillators, up and down converters, variable gain amplifiers, voltage variable attenuators, fixed attenuators and filters. The marketing effort will aid in the growth and development of the MMIC product line and strengthen Endwave’s overall branding strategy.

The newly hired sales reps span the globe, handling various domestic and international territories including India and China. Domestic representatives include Trionic Associates, Youngewirth & Olenick Associates, Mid-Atlantic Microwave Sales, Costar, Inc., Innovative Marketing & Sales, and Matrix Sales, Inc. International sales reps include Hicotronics Devices PVT Ltd. based in India, Alignment Company Ltd. in China, and NextWave Technologies in Israel.

Trionic will cover the territories of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and can be reached either by phone or email (516-466-2300, info@trionic.com). Youngewirth & Olenick, a world-class provider of technical representation for RF/Microwave device, component, and subsystem applications in the military and commercial markets, will represent Endwave in Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico, (contactus@yando.com, www.yando.com). Mid-Atlantic Microwave is a professional representative of the highest-quality RF and microwave components in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia territories, and can be reached by phone or email, or by visiting their website (301-421-0266, mamsinc@verizon.net, www.mamsinc.net). Providing an equal level of RF and Microwave service, Costar, a Silicon Valley based Technology Sales Company, will represent Endwave in Northern California (401-946-9339, dlikens@costar-rep.com), Innovative Marketing & Sales will cover Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma (972-462-1281, imstexas@earthlink.net), and Matrix Sales, Inc. will cover sales in the New England states (978-459-4000, matrix@matrixsalesinc.com).

International representation for Endwave in India will be covered by Hicotronics Devices, specifically by their military and space department. Hicotronics Devices will increase Endwave’s international presence in India, and can be contacted by phone or email (91-80-22420690/41203768, hicotronics.india@sril.net). Alignment Company will do likewise for Endwave in China, as they are experienced professionals in the China IC market and understand the product technology, customer demands, channel management, and local business systems and methods. Located in Shenzhen, China, Alignment will cover all of China and can be reached by phone or email (+86-755-82537066, dan.zhao@alignment-china.com, www.alignment-china.com). Tel Aviv based NextWave Technologies will represent Endwave in Israel in its commitment to high-level engineering, sales & marketing to support both customers and manufacturers business models. NextWave can be contacted by phone or email as well (972-3-9619000, michal@nextwave.co.il).

For more detailed contact information, or to learn more about Endwave’s products, please visit our website by clicking the URL below our logo on this page.