Jan 20, 2010 - Do you need to upgrade your test and measurement equipment? Then take the opportunity and exchange your current instruments for cutting-edge products from Rohde & Schwarz.

There are lots of good reasons for trading in your current test and measurement equipment for brand new products from Rohde & Schwarz.

• Your current T&M equipment no longer meets your needs
The latest test specifications have outstripped the performance of your equipment. Or your equipment no longer performs as it should. Either way, you need a replacement.

• Trade-in your past, prepare for the future
You have equipment that is surplus to your needs. Make use of decreasing assets to help prepare you for new test procedures or more exacting demands.

• Invest in excellence
No matter what you are most looking for in T&M equipment, our range of products features the very best solution available to meet your needs.

• Minimize your costs
As well as the advantages of new products, save money, too. Trade in your current equipment for new Rohde & Schwarz replacements, and benefit from a substantial discount on the price of a new model depending on the condition of your trade-in equipment.

Trade in Rohde & Schwarz Equipment:

• Benefit in full from your knowledge and experience
A new generation of Rohde & Schwarz equipment shares many similarities with previous models. Much of your experience built up in day-to-day use, as well as your library of test routines, will still directly apply.

• Make the most of your business contacts with Rohde & Schwarz
Your Rohde & Schwarz representative will be delighted with the opportunity for repeat business with an established customer.

Trade-in Other Manufacturer Equipment
We are confident that switching to Rohde & Schwarz is a decision that you will not regret. Which is why we offer trade-in terms for equipment from other manufacturers, too.

How to Trade-In
Visit our website on this page and contact your Rohde & Schwarz representative to discuss your replacement needs, and to assess the conditions that apply to your trade-in.