March, 19, 2009

Narda Microwave has joined the Georgia Tech 100G Optical Networking Center as supporting member. The center consists of many leading technology companies that have joined forces with the Georgia Institute of Technology and is believed to be the first academic-industrial consortium of its kind in the world.

The mission of this networking consortium is to:
• Lead advances in the quantitative understanding of optical, electronic and signaling interactions to enable the development of design rules for dynamically reconfigurable 100Gb/s networks.
• Produce sought after graduates with broad understanding and deep skills.
• Generate significant intellectual property.

The consortium and facility allow academic and industry personnel to perform multidisciplinary research in all aspects of 100Gb/s transmission, supported by the diverse and complementary strengths of the industrial partners and faculty members. Research topics range from fundamental studies of 100G optical transmission to assessment of optical and electronic technologies that will be used in such high-speed optical networks.

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