Boston, MA., June 9th 2009, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces that the CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® frequency domain solver will feature 3rd order and mixed elements with the 2010 release.

Design engineers and researchers working on electrically small or resonant structures value the frequency domain solver of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® as a well integrated alternative to the market leading time domain solver, and for cross verification purposes. The range of possible applications and users has now been enlarged.

With the introduction of the True Geometry Adaptation, a technique which improves the geometrical representation of a structure during the mesh adaptation process, in version 2009, CST reinforced its claim to technological leadership through a distinct and significant development. This technique overcomes an inherent accuracy problem of traditional FEM codes which refine the mesh but not the segmented geometry.

Version 2010 will feature 3rd order elements alongside the already available 1st and 2nd order elements. These will enable electrically larger problems to be solved as the spatial sampling of the wave can be reduced and therefore the memory efficiency in homogenous regions increased. In addition the combination of all three types of elements allows the efficient tackling of simulation models which feature a combination of electrically small, detail rich portions as well as larger homogenous areas, thus extending the range of applicability for the frequency domain solver and addressing an extended customer base.

“We are committed to supplying our customers with cutting edge simulation technology, allowing them to select the numerical method which is most appropriate for their current task,” commented Dr. Peter Thoma, Managing Director, R&D, CST. “This FEM implementation with 3rd order and mixed elements represents a major technological step in our frequency domain technology, opening the way to an even more diverse customer base.”

True Geometry Adaptation is available with CST STUDIO SUITE™ 2009, and 3rd order elements with version 2010.