LOWELL, MA – March 10, 2009 – M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc. (M/A-COM Tech), a leading provider of innovative microwave and RF design solutions and products, announced today the shipment of its 100 millionth high power MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) PIN diode product. The popular line of high power MELF PIN Diode products are designed specifically for high power switch and attenuator applications and well suited for commercial, industrial, and government applications. In addition, several M/A-COM Tech MELF diodes boast significantly low package and junction capacitances, as well as series inductance, allowing for a 300KHz to 3GHZ frequency band of operation.

"This line of PIN Diode products has historically benefited a multitude of industries where field performance up to 1GHz is a necessity,” said Michael Napolitano, Product Line Manager, M/A-COM Technology Solutions. "We’re honored to celebrate this milestone and look forward to a continued commitment to developing and supporting state-of-the-art MELF PIN Diode components now up to 3GHz for commercial, industrial and government users."

The M/A-COM Technology Solutions high power MELF PIN Diode products are made in a surface mount hermetic package with low RF (Rs) and Thermal (θ) resistance. The product’s high voltage (VR) is ideal for use in high peak voltage applications such as MRI systems. Additionally, the diode’s low distortion vs. forward current is optimal for stringent attenuator applications and is available via tape and reel for high volume manufacturing.

Please contact M/A-COM Technology Solutions products domestic and international sales channels for price and delivery quotes. Data sheets and supporting technical documents are available online at www.macom.com.