The IEC 61000-4-3 has long been accepted as the basic standard for testing to Radiated, electromagnetic field immunity testing in order to satisfy many European Union requirements for the CE mark. Recent changes in IEC 61000-4-3 Edition 3.0 include a new harmonic distortion requirement, new linearity check, an extended frequency range, and new test table material requirements.

These changes have brought some common test problems to light. The changes may also require EMC test labs to upgrade and/or purchase new equipment, which has many test labs wondering what features to look for in new equipment.

AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation has written an application note explaining the changes - and the implications those changes have on test equipment. The paper offers a number of helpful tips that labs should try before purchasing new amplifiers.

The complete report, known as "Application Note #41," can be found on the AR Worldwide RF/Microwave Instrumentation web site at Go to the "Downloads" section, click on "App. Notes" and look for App. Note #41. Or download the document directly at: