November 2, 2007, Houston, Texas - Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduces today a two stage, low noise gain block amplifier that has a self-biased architecture and is offered in a 4x4mm RoHS-compliant QFN package, providing excellent RF and thermal properties. This device, identified as CMM1100-QF, covers the 2 to 18 frequency bands, provides 3.8 dB noise figure, and delivers 15 dB gain and 15 dBm P1dB. It is well suited for a variety of applications, including fiber optic, microwave radio, military, space, telecom infrastructure, test instrumentation and VSAT. The device offers a unique combination of low noise figure and broadband output match by employing an industry-leading feedback stage to provide good noise figure that does not exist in typical distributed low noise designs. Integrated bias coils and on-chip DC blocking are all inclusive in the compact 4x4mm QFN package. "The CMM1100-QF is the packaged version of our popular CMM1100-BD die and allows our customers to use standard high volume surface mount equipment for ease of pick up and assembly," stated Jeff Kovitz, Senior Product Manager, Mimix Broadband, Inc. "Bandwidth, RF performance and noise figure levels have been preserved in the CMM1100-QF, and its single bias operation works very well as a first or second amplifier stage in wideband system level receive chains or to provide gain and power in LO drive chains." Engineering samples are available today from stock. Technical support is also available from Mimix's applications engineers at 281.988.4600. The CMM1100-QF datasheet and additional product information can be obtained from the Mimix Broadband website at