SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 26, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced its IO Libraries Suite 15.0, which has an improved LAN-discovery interface that simplifies the finding and configuring of LXI and other LAN-capable instruments. LXI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the industry with well over 400 LXI-equipped products available from major test companies. Agilent is the first to deliver tools to better manage and control a wide spectrum of LXI-based instruments, as evidenced by the new IO Library Suite. The Agilent IO Library Suite 15.0 LAN-discovery interface automatically searches the local subnet for the available LAN instruments and pulls up the product Web page. If the instrument is located on a different subnet, the user can enter the IP address directly or select a range of addresses to search. "The additional capability provided with LAN discovery in Agilent's IO Library 15.0 release greatly simplifies the connection of test instruments," said Mark Pierpoint, vice president and general manager, Agilent's Technology and Services Organization," continuously improving deployment and ease of use in the broad-based, multi-vendor LXI product offering." In addition to LAN discovery, several new tools are included in Agilent IO Library Suite 15.0 that make test-system configuring easier: * the Agilent interactive LXI tool allows monitoring and sending of LXI events, while also managing IEEE-1588 clocks; * an API (Application Programming Interface) gives integration and control of LXI into the test programs; * Agilent's IO Monitor allows easy examination of I/O data streams and view parameters of SICL, VISA, and VISA COM function calls, saving time by quickly pinpointing bottlenecks and troublesome code; and * Agilent VISA Open Report saves time by identifying conflicts between Agilent VISA and NI-VISA. Once a conflict is identified, the VISA Open Report will give instructions on how to fix the problem. Agilent IO Library Suite 15.0 operates on 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows(r) 2000, XP and Vista. Additional Information Learn more about the Agilent IO Libraries Suite, download it, or order an evaluation CD at Also included is a short "getting started" video that walks through the basics of setting up a test system. U.S. Pricing An Agilent IO Libraries Suite license and software is included with more than 300 Agilent products. Additional licenses may be purchased, with prices starting at $396. For sales information, contact your local Agilent sales representative, or visit