Munich, 30 August 2007 — The PXI-based R&S CompactTSVP production test platform from Rohde & Schwarz can now be equipped with a new option that enables fast digital functional testing even in applications where large amounts of data have to be handled. The new R&S TS-PHDT high-speed digital test module features a maximum data rate of 40 MHz and a storage capacity of 1.5 Gbyte. All stimulus, nominal, and actual data required for testing electronic assemblies is stored locally. Due to the realtime comparison of actual and nominal data, the recorded test data no longer has to be transferred to the system controller, thus considerably reducing test time. Rohde & Schwarz developed the compact R&S TS PHDT test module in close cooperation with the RF and Automotive Business Unit of Atmel®, a leading semiconductor manufacturer. The new option was especially designed for the higher requirements in digital functional testing that are due to the trend toward using ever more complex digital circuits on electronic assemblies. The T&M equipment must also satisfy these requirements with regard to memory depth, realtime analysis capability, and level programming. The R&S TS PHDT is the first PXI-based solution available on the market for these applications. During the initialization of a functional test, the stimulus data and the nominal data of the DUT is transferred in a single step to the local 1.5 Gbyte memory (3 x 64 Msamples) of the test module. Afterwards, all test cases are immediately available without any further time for loading being required. The integrated analysis hardware compares nominal data with recorded actual data in realtime and documents the deviations. The pass/fail information provides an immediate overview of erroneous test steps and indicates, for example, the number of errors or the failed channels without transferring the test data to the system controller. In addition, the module enables users to program nonvolatile memories in microcontrollers and flash components as well as to simulate digital control or processor buses. The very compact R&S TS-PHDT high-speed digital test module takes up only one slot of the R&S CompactTSVP platform. Operation is via a soft panel and a driver in dll format. The module is controlled via the PCI bus of the test platform. The PXI trigger functionality makes it possible to synchronize the module with further R&S TS-PHDT modules as well as with other Rohde & Schwarz or PXI-based measurement and stimulus modules. The number of digital channels required for additional tests on analog and digital signals can thus very easily be expanded. The R&S TS-PHDT high-speed digital test module is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.